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Accenture Placement Papers pdf

Hi friends welcome to India wide jobs here we are providing the information related to Accenture placement papers. The students who want to get software jobs in Accenture. They should have to practice the Accenture placement papers. By practicing these Accenture placement papers, students can get clear information on the placement test. This Accenture placement papers contains the papers like verbal, aptitude, reasoning and English Questions. The Accenture placement papers for the fresher’s download process is by clicking on below links Accenture placement paper pattern with answers will open in new tab those in the form of PDF if want to download into your or if want to take print please click on the print image in below. In Accenture placement papers, verbal paper and Accenture aptitude papers have some number of questions and solve them and practice well by practicing these papers you will get good knowledge easily clear the written test.

Accenture Placement Papers

Actually, in Accenture main targeted on writing test because based on writing test marks they can easily filter the students for these Accenture placement papers are very useful to the all the students please do much practice these questions and get the good results. After the completion entrance test they will conduct the GD the selected candidates in the GD They call for the Technical Round after the HR Round.! Keep Practicing the Accenture placement papers and get job Easily.


About Accenture

Accenture plc is a multinational consulting company management, technology services and outsourcing company. Its headquarters were incorporated in Dublin, Ireland on 1 September 2009. It is the largest consulting firm in the world, as measured by revenue, and is a Fortune Global 500 company. As of 2014, the company said net income of $ 31.87 billion, with approximately 336,000 employees serving clients in over 200 cities in 120 countries. In 2012 Accenture had about 80,000 employees in India, more than in any other country, about 40,000 in the United STATES, and about 35,000 in the Philippines. Accenture current customers include 89 of Fortune global 100 and more than three quarters of the Fortune global 500.

Some question from Accenture placement papers

(1) What is 184 times 156 ?

(a) 28704

(b) 29704

(c) 30604

(d) 27604

(e) None of theses

(2) If an amount Rs. 15487 is divided equally among 76 students. Approximately how much amount will student get?

(a) 206

(b) 210

(c) 204

(d) 218

(e) 212

(3) The product of two consecutive even number is 16128 which is the larger number?

(a) 132

(b) 128

(c) 128

(d) 126

(e) None of theses

(4) There are 12 dozen mangoes in a box. If there are 43 such boxes, how many mangoes are there in all the boxes together ?

(a) 516

(b) 3096

(c) 61920

(d) 628

(e) None of theses

(5) Two pipes A and B can fill a cistern in 10 and 15 minutes respectively. Both fill pipes are opened together, but at the end of 3 minutes, ‘B’ is turned off. How much time will the cistern take to fill ?

(a) 6 min

(b) 8 min

(c) 10 min

(d) 12 min

(e) None of these

(6) A is 30% more efficient than B. how much time will they working together , take to complete a job which a alone could have done in 23 days?

(a)11 days

(b) 13 days

(c) 20 days

(d) None of these

(7) A 300 meter long moving with an average speed of 126 km/hr crosses a platform in 24 seconds. A man crosses the same platform in 5 minutes. What is the speed of the man in meters/second?

(a) 1.8 m/s

(b) 1.2 m/s

(c) 1.5 m/s

(d) Can not be determined

(e) None of these

(8) Train A crosses a stationary train B in 35 seconds and a pole in 14 seconds with the same speed. The length of the train A is 280 meters. What is the length of the stationary train B?

(a) 360 meters

(b) 480 meters

(c) 400 meters

(d) Can not be determined

(e) None of these

(9) 40% of 15% of 3/4th of a number is 153. What is the number?

(a) 3400

(b) 3650

(c) 3600

(d) 3200

(e) None of these

(10) A device is connected to the motherboard is ………………………….

(a) called an external device

(b) called an adjunct device

(c) called a peripheral device

(d) connected using ribbon cable

(e) None of the above

(11) The first computer were programmed using …………………

(a) assembly language

(b) machine language

(c) spaghetti code

(d) source code

(e) None of the above

(12) Provide the means to move the pointer on the screen and give information to the computer by clicking the button on the ……………….

(a) scanner

(b) mouse

(c) keyboard

(d) program

(e) None of the above

(13) Secondary storage……………………

(a) does not require power

(b) does not use magnetic media

(c) consists of four main types of device

(d) does not store information for later retrieval

(e) None of the above

(14) A device that provides emergency power to your computer, conditions the voltage, and protects against powers surges is called a ……………………..

(a) PSU = Power Supply Unit

(b) USP = Universal Surge Protector

(c) UPPS = Universal Power Protection and Supply

(d) UPS= Uninterruptible Power Supply

(15) The ratio between speed of a train and a car is 18 :13 also , a bus covered a distance of 480 kms, in 12 hours the speed of the bus is five-ninth the speed of the train. How much distance will the car cover in 5 hours?

(a) 250 km

(b) 280 km

(c) 260 km

(d) Can not be determined

(e) None of these

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