Aricent Placement Papers – Aricent Previous Year Question Papers With Solutions

 Aricent Placement Papers 

Hi guys this is the overall information about Top MNC Companies placement papers Pdf Downloads. Aricent placement papers are provided below to download. Aricent is conducting the placement regularly for the fresher as well as the experience candidates. So the candidates who are trying for the Software jobs in Aricent can refer these Aricent previous papers. These Aricent placement papers can be useful for all the candidates who are preparing for the Software jobs. So the candidates who are searching for the Aricent placement papers pdf in online this is the right place to download. To Download Aricent placement papers pdf candidates can click the links provided below. Aricent is conducting placements for the candidates regularly those Aricent placement papers pdf we are providing below to download.

Aricent Placement Papers pdf Download

These Aricent placement papers contains all the information regarding what type of questions asking in the online written test. So candidates by referring the Aricent sample paper candidates get idea about the online exam and get grip about the test while writing the exam. So all candidates can refer the Aricent model papers before going to attend the selection process. And we are giving the some Aricent previous year question paper  to get idea about what type of questions asking in the placement. These Aricent placement papers Download can available below. We are providing some Aricent Placement Papers pdf to download for the candidate’s future reference. By this Aricent Placement papers you can get an idea of how to attend the written test and skills regarding to this Aricent Placement Papers if you have any doubts please write to us we will clear your doubts


About Aricent Company

Aricent is a pure service game company and software product engineering. It develops software, provides technology services and works with networks, telecommunications, software, semiconductors, internet and industrial companies. Aricent is based in Redwood City, California, with operations in 9 countries around the world; investors Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and Sequoia Capital. The company claims to employ 7,800 consultants, designers and engineers from more than 10 destinations worldwide.

Aricent Placement Papers

 (1)  The sum of four consecutive even number, A, B, C, and, D is 180. What is the sum of the set of next consecutive even number?

(a)  214        (b) 212        (c) 196         (d) 204        (e) None of theses

(2)  The different between 89% of a number and 73% of the same number is 448.What is 49% of that number?

(a) 1426         (b) 1372        (c) 1218        (d) 1124     (e) None of these

(3)  75% of 740 of    =?

(a) 121         (b) 91            (c) 555            (d) 333     (e) None of these

 (4)  Ms. Sandya deposits an amount of Rs. 31,400 to obtain a simple interest at the rate of 12 per cent per annum for 8 years. What total amount will Ms. Sandhya get at the end of 8 years?

 (a) Rs. 31444     (b) Rs. 61544        (c) Rs.41544        (d) 31144       (e) None of these

(5)  The owner of a stationery shop charges his customers 28% more than the cost price. if a customer paid Rs, 4544 for School books, then what was the cost price of the school books?

(a) Rs.3550     (b) Rs. 3500        (c) Rs.3450    (d) Rs.3400      (e) None of these

(6)  The cost of 9 kgs of sugar is Rs. 279. What is the cost of 153 kgs of sugar?

 (a) Rs.3377     (b) Rs.4473        (c) Rs.4377        (d) Rs.4743      (e) 4347

 (7)  Find the average of the following set of scores. 965, 362, 189, 248, 461, 825, 524, 234

 (a) 476         (b) 504     (c) 461         (d) 524      (e) None of these

(8)  It the value of 21a + 21b= 1134, what is the average of a+b ?

 (a) 29         (b) 27         (c) 58             (d) 54      (e) None of these

(9)  A sum of money is to be divided equally amongst P.Q, and R in the respective ratio of 5:6:7 and another sum of money is to divided between S and T equally. If S got Rs. 2100 less than P, how much amount did Q receive?

(a) 2500     (b) 2000     (c) 1500     (d) cannot be determined     (e) None of these

(10)  17 men can complete a piece of work in 12 days.  In how many days can y6 men complete the same piece of work?

(a) 28 days         (b) 34     days     (c) 26 days    (d) 32 days     (e)   None of these

 (11)  ‘A’ can complete a piece of work in 12 days , ‘A’ and ‘B’ together can complete the same piece of work in 8 days. In how many day can ‘B’ alone complete the same piece of work?

 (a) 15 days         (b) 18     days     (c) 24 days    (d) 28 days     (e)   None of these

(12)  A train covers a distance of 1560 kms in 26 hours. What is the speed of train?

 (a) 72 kms/hr                  (b) 62 kms/hr (c) 68kms/hr                 (d) Cannot be determined     (e)   None of these

(13)  Which is not an item of hardware?

(a) An MP3 fiel     (b) A keyboard    (c) A monitor      (d) A mouse     (e) None of the above

(14)  The part that contains the central electronic components of the computer is the ……………

(a) Motherboard     (b) system unit     (c) peripheral     (d) input device (e) None of the above

(15)  A (n)__________ is created by an application when it is used.

(a) executable file (b) software program (c) document (d) operating system (e) None of these


  1. B 2. B 3. D 4. B
  2. A 6. A   7. A   8. B
  3. D 10. B   11. C   12. E
  4. A 14. A   15. C


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