BOB Manipal 2015 – Interview & GD Experience (Abhinav Pushpam)

Name Abhinav Pushpam


Panel- 1 .. 1:30 p.m.

This was my first bank maintenance.

He reached 12:45. 3 ladies were sitting Diace for document verification .Gave me 1 form to complete. I filled my documents quickly and arranged in the order they were asked.

Then a lady called my name for verification, checked all my documents by simply giving a glance at the originals. She said only 22 aahh heart and you become a would PO. This is great !! Ya but it focuses on matching my signature written xam admit my card … 🙂 Made with any audit, it was very useful because I do not have to spend certi xerox of 10th, 12th, her send a peon to do it for me.

Then, after lunch, we were given any lot. to stick on our pockets. At 2:30 we were called for GD. Students were divided into 10 member grp. In the panel, there were 5 people. 1 woman, 3 1 Manager and Chief Representative of Manipal University. He gave us subject- “Financial inclusion-A future prospect or a social obligation”

All were amazed listening to the subject. We had 2 min. Jord at low points on our skates. All spoke individually for 2 minutes and a discussion has come for another 10 minutes. Overall it was a good sign and enjoyed my view.

My serial number. was 4, but two students themselves, so I came to no.2. (I thought acha hua hua Thoda competition !!! km) after 30 min began maintenance.

Same panel.

Manipal representative was the main questionnaire.

1.- What are ur hobbies?

One of my hobbies is cooking, so all started laughing, he said ohh thats great, means ur wife will love much. I say it is difficult to predict the future, and again all laughed

Why is your famous hometown?


3.- say something about January Dhan Yojna

Said. Another person says pura taiyari Aaye ho se Lagta hai

4.- tell me any good hearts story?


5- Do u have a girlfriend?

Said ..

6. Now the questioned GM. Who is the president of the BRICS bank?

I became confused with the BRIC name bank, as the new name is The New Development Bank. I say I’m not remember now. Then he said his K.V. kamat then I said, it is NDB, then he corrected me both are same

7. HQ BRIC bank

Said Shanghai

8. Other 1 asked BRICS represent?


9.Why these countries have formed a group, why not they included other counties too?

But said it was not satisfied.

Then he again asked a question of a neighborhood near my hometown, why is he famous. I know the answer, he told me the writer’s name, it comes from there. Then I remembered. He asked one book written by him

10.Again representative .. Manipal question of typical HR Y .. u should I hire ??

Said u give this interview?

I said what is the gentleman of necessity, when I was hoping to be selected this time only .. Again all began to laugh.

You can go now. Good luck 🙂

Interview lasted about 1/2 hour. But overall I enjoyed it. Panel was good and helpful.

Hope this help, those talks in the coming days. Good luck 🙂