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Hi friends welcome to India wide jobs here we provide the information related to sarkari Naukri and sarkari result and now it is a hub for placement papers. Here we provide these information for those students who are struggling to clear the written test in CSC. It is very use full information about CSC placement procedure details. By using this CSC placements papers candidates can get the clear details of placement papers of CSC. In this CSC placement papers we provide the details of what kind of questions will come in the written test of CSC.

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In CSC placement papers having some aptitude, reason and verbal question or having the reasoning question are very easy, but with out of the practice of CSC placement papers students having trouble solving the aptitude question. For that reason candidates have to solve the CSC aptitude questions by practicing these papers, students get clear information on the CSC placement test. The downloading process CSC placement paper is by clicking on below links pages open in new tab, click on save button CSC placement papers are available in your devices.


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Some Questions from CSC placement papers

1) which of the following is the most crucial phase of SDLC

a)testing b)code generation c) analysys and design d)implementation

Ans: c

2)To send a data packet using datagram ,connection will be established

a)no connection is required

  1. b) connection is not established before data transmission

c)before data transmission


Ans: c

3)a software that allows a personal computer to pretend as as computer terminal  is

  1. a) terminal adapter

b)terminal emulation



Ans: b

4) super key is

  1. a) same as primary key
  2. b) primary key and attribute
  3. c) same as foreign key
  4. d) foreign key and attribute

Ans: b

5.In binary search tree which traversal is used for ascending order values

  1. a) Inorder b)preorder c)post order d)none

Ans: a

6.You are creating an index on ROLLNO colume in the STUDENT table.which  statement will you use?

  1. a) CREATE INDEX roll_idx ON student, rollno;
  2. b) CREATE INDEX roll_idx FOR student, rollno;
  3. c) CREATE INDEX roll_idx ON student( rollno);
  4. d) CREATE INDEX roll_idx INDEX ON student (rollno);

Ans: c

7.A________class is a class that represents a data structure that stores a  number of data objects

  1. container b.component c.base d.derived

Ans: a

8.Which one of the following phases belongs to the compiler Back-end.

  1. Lexical Analysis b.Syntax Analysis c. Optimization d.Intermediate Representation.

Ans: c

9.Every context _sensitive language is context_free

  1. true b.false

Ans: b

10.Input:A is non-empty list of numbers L


For each item in the list L,do

If the item>x,then

Xß the item

Return X

X represents:-

a)largest number

b)smallest number

c)smallest negative number

  1. d) none

11.Let A and B be nodes of a heap,such that B is a child of A. the heap must  then satisfy the following conditions





12.String ,List,Stack,queue are examples of___________

a)primitive data type

b)simple data type

c)Abstract data type


Ans: c

13.which of the following is not true for Linked Lists?

a)The simplest kind of linked list is a single linked list ,which has one link  per node .this link points to the next node in the list,or to a null value or  emptylist if it is the last node.

b)a more sophisticated kind of linked list is a double linkedlist or two way  linkedlist .Each node has two links ,one to the previous node and one to the  next node.

  1. c) in a circleLinkedList ,the first and last nodes are linked together.this can be done only for double linked list.
  2. d) to traverse a circular linkedlist ,u begin at any node and follow the list in either direction until u return to the original node.

Ans: c

14.sentinel node at the beginning and /or at the end of the linkedlist is not  used to store the data

  1. a) true
  2. b) false


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