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Cyient is really paving a better way for golden career and success of many graduates and Post Graduates those who are looking for jobs in MNC companies like Cyient and some other companies too by attending written test at them. Infotech placement papers will definitely give a right direction to candidates those who are hardly trying to get jobs in Cyient. These job aspirants are strictly following all the Cyient aptitude questions which are highly pointed in Cyient placement papers. There will be a better consequence after attending Cyient written test after referring complete collection of Infotech placement papers. Let this website provide a wholesome of Cyient aptitude questions that are mostly asked in written test. Please concentrate more and refer placement papers with solutions by downloading Cyient previous papers pdf from our website. By analyzing previous year papers of Cyient and based on the feedback provide by candidates whoever attempted for written test at the company team prepared Infotech placement papers with solutions and paving a better way to succeed at written tests.

About the Company: Cyient is of the major software enterprise which was established in Hyderabad and now it turned to a MNC organization. It is completely focused on Engineering, networks and operations. Cyient recently Acquired Pratt & Whitney Global Services Engineering Asia. It is formerly known as Infotech.

Sample Aptitude Questions:

  1. Flash light at a time.those have different walking speeds.The pair must walk at the rate of slower pace

woman 1 : 1 minutes

woman 2 : 2 minutes

woman 3 : 5 minutes

woman 4 : 10 minutes

 Then what is the minimum required time to cross the bridge by all the 4 women without throwing flashlight?

Ans) 19 min


First woman1 and 2 will go to other end in 2 min (at the slower pace of woman2)à 2m

Woman 1 will come back -à1min

Woman 1 and 3 will go–à 5min

Woman 1 will come backà1min

Woman 1 and 4 will goà10min


2) There are cats got together to decide killing the mice of 999919,each cat kills equal no. of mice and each cat kills more no.of mice than cats there were.Then what are the number of cats?

3) The tree grows first day 1/2 of its original size,grows 1/3 of its previous day size, and grows 1/4 and so on. How many days it will take to grow 100 times to the original size of tree?

Ans) 150 days

4) There is one 40 kg weight stone. How many weights should I break from this 40 kg so that it can measure any weight between 1kg to 40 kg?

5) There is one monkey climbs 3fts and slips down 2fts of a tree in 1 hour. How much time it will take

to reach the top of the tree of 20fts height?

Ans) 18 hours

6) A ball is released from a height of 100 mts. After falling on the ground it raises to a height of half of the previous height and the process repeats until it comes to rest. What is the total distance traveled by the ball throughout the journey.

7) Complete the series 31 62 __ 25 65 __ 19

Totally (both campuses) around 50 (cs+ec) members cleared this round.

8) Write a C function to search a number in the given list of numbers. donot use printf and scanf.

9) main()


int a=10,b=7,c=15,z;


printf(“Biggest number is %d”, z);


Write the expression for z to print the biggest of three numbers using conditional operator.

Ans) z=((a>b)&&(a>c)) ? a : (((b>a)&&(b>c))?b:c)

10) if( condition)






printf(“ World”);


What should be the condition to display the output as “hello world”.

10) what is the output of the following program



int cnt,i=7;




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