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By analyzing previous year papers of Ericsson and based on the feedback provide by candidates whoever attempted for written test at the company this website is preparing Ericsson placement papers with solutions and paving an easy way to succeed at written tests conducted in Ericsson. The main reason behind publishing Ericsson placement papers on our website i.e is to give a vivid hand note of complete analysis over Ericsson placement papers with answers which are tricky and a bit difficult to make a dedicated attempt while attending for written test in Ericsson India. Most of the job seekers those who are attempting to get into MNC companies are failing at written test due to lack of complete awareness over Ericsson placement papers. It is leading to failure of the candidate in some other companies too. In order to give perfect guidance about Ericsson India placement papers we are highly focusing on placement paper patterns and ways of questions that are asked in Ericsson placement papers. Candidates those who refer Ericsson placement papers with answers are having better chances of cracking written tests at Ericsson. There will be a chance of repeating questions in Ericsson placement papers year to year. So concentrate more on referring and practicing placement papers with solutions by downloading Ericsson India placement papers pdf from our website. will always try to provide complete information regarding placement papers up to date. So keep on visiting this website for Ericsson placement papers with answers. In the below post you can refer sample questions that are commonly appeared in Ericsson placement papers.

About the Company: Ericsson is one of the major tech enterprises. This organization provides equipment and product based services in to software mobility. Ericsson stood among the top companies by driving technology and passion towards business in software products. Very professional environment will lot of fun while working at Ericsson will attract employees very much.

Sample Aptitude Questions:

1. If a vessel contains 56 litres of a mixture of milk & water in the ratio 3:2..what amount of water should be added to make the ratio 4:5?

2. 2 pipes fill a cistern in 12 mins,pipe A is 3 times faster than pipe b…if only pipe B has to fill the cistern ,how long will it take?

 (a) 1 hour

 (b) 2 hours



3.#define ADD(X,Y) X+Y                                                                                                  



  #undef ADD(X,Y);





   int y=ADD(3,2);




Runtime error(linker error): _add undefined in module

4.Which of the following is illegal

  (a)void v;

  (b)void *v;

  (c)void **v;

  (d)all are legal

5.#define int INTEGER/*line1*/

#define INTEGER int/*line 2*/



 INTEGER p=10;/*line 5*/




 (a) compiler error at line 1

 (b) compiler error at line 2

 (c) compiler error at line 5

 (d) No error,prints 10




  int counter=1;








 in the above program

 (a)error b’coz for should have parameters

 (b)error bcoz 2 semicolons in a for loop are invalid

 (c)no error,loop is executed once

 (d) no error ,loop is executed 10 times 

  1. main()


   char str={‘H’,’E’,’L’,’L’,’O’,’\0′}




     (a)prints ELLO

     (b)prints HELLO

     (c)prints ILLO (i.e.’H’ is incremented by 1)


8.The average temperature for monday,wednesday,thursday was 46 o C.the average temperature fortuesday,wednesday,thursday,friday was 48(some no)..if temp on monday was 42 o C,what is the temperature on tuesday?





9.The average marks of 12 students was found to be……(some no)…it was later found that while entering the data , it had been entered as 74 instead of 50…and 20 instead of 24(nos are  not the same)…what is the correct average?

10.If a lady bought a house & sold it at 25% more than what she had paid after 3 years, she has to pay 50%tax on the gain…If C is the cost price,(gain=s.P-c.p),what tax did she  have to pay?

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