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Hi friends welcome to India wide jobs here we are providing the information related to the global edge question papers. Actually more number of students are eliminated from the written test for this purpose we provided the global edge placement papers by practicing this global previous placement papers students can get a clear idea about the global edge test. In this written test student have some question on aptitude, reasoning and verbal questions. For more clear information please download the global edge placement papers with answers the links are given below. The downloading process of global edge latest placement papers is given below.

Global Placement Papers

Here we strongly committed to provide the information which will be required for candidates those who are trying to attempt for jobs in global edge companies and failing with a small reason like lack of awareness about global edge placement papers. Our team intention is to provide the way and pattern of questions which were asked in written tests conducted in those companies. So global edge placement papers were framed by keeping in mind the possibilities of students and difficulties they are facing at written test. Global edge placement papers with answers were prepared in a way so that students those who are attempting to qualify in written test conducted at global edge company.
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Global Edge Placement Papers

The global edge question papers download process is by clicking each links of global edge aptitude test papers with answers pdf it will open on the new screen below we can see the download symbol click on it the global edge previous papers with solutions are available in your devices. If want to take print out of global edge question papers with solutions pdf click on the print button in below showing images.

About global edge 

Things change. They are not what they were and certainly not what they were originally designed for. They evolve, and in the process, become more intelligent. It is not only the world of things over; it is the “Intelligence of things.” Global Edge is a product engineering company, constantly develop and define the behavior of objects and things around us. We encourage intelligence in everything we can to make the world smarter businesses in a new connected world.

Some more Global edge Placement Papers

1) main()

{ int arr[]={ 1,2,3,4 };

int *ptr ;;;;

ptr++ = arr;


return 0;


what is the output :

a> compile time error :multiple termination statements for pointer

b> lvalue required for ptr

c> prints 3 3

d> printd 4 3

ans b: lvalue required for ptr;

2) main()


char s[10];

scanf (“%s”,s);



what is the output if input is abcd :

a> prints abcd

b> compiler error

c> prints abcd and 6 junk characters

d> printd s

ans a: prints abcd.

3) main()


char c = 255;

printf (“%d”,c);

return 0;


what is the output

a> illegal character assignment

b> prints -1

c> prints 2

d> prints 255

ans b: prints -1.

4) main()


int i;

for (i=7;i prints hello 7 times

b> prints hello 8 times

c> prints hello once

d> prints nothing

ans b: prints nothing.

5) main()


printf( printf (“world”) );


a> prints world

b> prints printf (“world”)

c> prints nothing

d> compiler error

ans d: compiler error.

computer concepts

1) A c source code file can be

a> compiled only

b> interpreted only

c> both compiled and interpreted

d> nothing

ans c : both compiled and interpreted

2) c prigramming approach is

a> Top down

b> bottom up

c> both topdown and bottom up

d> none of the above

ans a:top down approach

3) The access time is less for

a> hard disk

b> cache

c> registers

d> main memory

ans c:registers

4) resolving of external variables in a program is done at

a>complie time

b>run time

c>link time

4>load time

ans c: link time.

5) interrupts inform process about

a> events external to process asynchronously

b> events external to process synchronously

c> both a and b

d> events internal to a process

ans a: events external to process asynchronously








which of the following is correct?

a)compilation error

b)Run time error

c)No output

d)depends on the compiler

ans : a

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