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International affairs

Second border haat opens in the neighborhood Sipahijala Tripura

The second border haat (rural market) was opened for ordinary people in the district of Kamalasagar Sipahijala Tripura Brahmanbaria district bordering Bangladesh.

  • The haat was jointly inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his counterpart from Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, by videoconference from Dhaka on June 6, 2015. This market is set up at the zero line of the international border with a part on the Indian side and the other in Bangladesh.
  • Initially, it will facilitate bilateral trade in locally produced goods 16 shortlisted. These assets include agricultural and horticultural crops, spices, minor forest products excluding timber, fish and dried fish, dairy and poultry products, articles of handicrafts, wooden furniture, handloom and crafts.
  • Persons residing within a radius of five kilometers along the border have the right to do business in the haat to be held once a week initially. No local taxes are levied on goods sold in the haats and currencies of two countries prevail.
  • First border haat was inaugurated on Srinagar- Purba border area in January 2015 Union Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala with his Bangladeshi counterpart Tofail Ahmed.

International Affairs

Renewable energy targets worldwide quadruple in 10 years: IRENA

IRENA is an intergovernmental organization to promote the adoption and sustainable use of renewable energy. It is a global cooperation center for renewable energy and the exchange of information among its member countries.

  • The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) announced that in a recent decade renewable energy targets have generally fourfold.
  • Mentioned report setting IRENA Renewable Energy Target, which was published by IRENA Director-General Adnan Z. Amin on branch lines of the 9th meeting of the Council of IRENA in Dubai.
  • According to the report, 164 countries have adopted at least one target type of renewable energy from 43 countries in 2005. All the nations are adopting renewable energy targets to meet several objectives, including energy security, environmental sustainability and socio-economic benefits.
  • The majority of the 150 countries focused renewable energy targets committed in the electricity sector The number of countries set targets for renewable heating and cooling sector rose to 47 from 2 countries in 2005 .

RBI allows NRIs to subscribe chit funds

Reserve Bank of India has allowed non-resident Indians (NRIs) to invest in chit funds to encourage the flow of capital in the country. Decision in this regard was taken after RBI had revised the existing guidelines for subscription to chit funds in consultation with the government.

  • Now NRI on non-repatriation basis will be allowed to invest in chit funds without any ceiling. However, the subscription of chit funds will necessarily be led by NRI through normal banking channel, including through an account held by a bank in India.
  • The State Government may authorize a chit funds to accept subscription from NRIs on non-repatriation basis. It will be permitted by the registrar coupons or an officer authorized by the state government in accordance with the provisions of the Chit Fund Act 1982.
  • Earlier in May 2000, RBI had banned NRI to invest in a company or companies whose chit fund business. Apart from this decision, RBI also extended the scheme to airlines to raise External Commercial Borrowings (ECB) for working capital as a permissible end-use under the approval route. Now the ECB plan will continue until March 31, 2016.


The legendary actor Sir Christopher Lee dies

Legendary British actor, singer and writer Sir Christopher Lee died in London, UK. He was 93. The veteran actor was famously known as the master of horror for his villainy famous acting roles in films such as Dracula, The Wicker Man, James Bond, Lord of the Rings trilogy, etc.

  • Christopher Lee was born in London in 1922. Film career: His acting career on screen began in 1947, after he had the Rank Organisation, where he was trained as an actor. His career spanned over seven decades. His roles include famous actor Francisco Scaramanga in The Man With The Golden Gun (1974), Saruman in The Lord of the Rings film (2001-2003), The Hobbit film trilogy (2012-2014), Count Dooku Star Wars trilogy (2002 and 2005) and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008).
  • It is also known for its best performance depicting the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah in the biopic Jinnah (1998). Music career: Lee was also known for his singing ability. He recorded various operas and musical pieces between 1986 and 1998.
  • He also recorded symphonic metal album Charlemagne by the sword and the cross in 2010 after working with several metal bands since 2005. Awards: He was knighted in 2009 for services to drama and charity and received the Bafta fellowship in 2011 and Spirit of the award of the metal (2010)

Union government scraps import duties on medicines against AIDS and test kits

  • Union government has removed customs duties on imports of medicines and test kits used to treat infection with HIV and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV / AIDS).
  • In this regard Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) has issued a notice will remain in effect until March 2016. This decision will reduce the price of drugs against AIDS throughout the country and contributes directly to the program National government to fight against the disease as well.
  • It will also import raw materials that are used to antiretroviral in the cheapest national program. This exemption will apply to certain antiretroviral drugs first line and second line that are used to treat adults and children.
  • Apart from certain drugs kits and diagnostic equipment are also exempt from tax. In India, more than 2.1 million patients with HIV / AIDS are provided with free daily antiretrovirals from distribution centers run by the State that are operated by National AIDS Control Organization (NACO).


C.S Verma SAIL leaves his position CMD

  • SAIL state said Thursday that CS Verma had waived the charge as president and CEO at the end of its mandate and Secretary Rakesh Singh steel took charge until a regular incumbent is appointed.
  • Verma was appointed CMD largest steel producer in the country for a term of 5 years in June 2010 by the previous UPA government, and was eligible for an extension until he reached retirement age of 60 in September 2019.
  • The government did not extend his mandate to the highest office that made him the first leader ‘Maharatna’ PSU to be denied an extension for the current regime NDA.

TCS, Infosys face probe for visa violations H-1B

The US government has opened an investigation against two of India’s largest outsourcing companies for possible violations of the H1-B visa rules, according to a media report.

  • The Ministry of Labor has initiated the investigation against Tata Consultancy Services and Infosys for possible violations of visa rules for foreign technology workers under contracts they held with an electric utility Southern California Edison
  • The power company recently laid off more than 500 technology workers amid claims that many of those laid off have been made to train their replacements who were immigrants on temporary work visas made by Indian companies
  • The move by the Ministry of Labor comes just days after the NYT had reported that hundreds of employees at entertainment giant Walt Disney was fired and replaced by visa holders Indians H1-B.

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