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International Affairs

Today (April 24) is the World Animal Day in laboratories (also known under the name World Lab Animal Day).

  • This day was created in 1979 by the National Anti-Vivisection Society UK (NAVS).
  • The date April 24th was chosen to observe this day as it marked the anniversary of former President Hugh Dowding NAVS, 1st Baron Dowding.

Switzerland became the happiest country world.

  • The country head of the 3rd Annual World Happiness Index.
  • It was closely followed by Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Canada.
  • Togo, Burundi, Benin and Rwanda, civil war ravaged Syria, were less happy.
  • The third World Happiness Report, published by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network today ranked 158 countries based on Gallup polls 2012-15 and analyzed the main factors contributing to happiness levels.
  • During this survey, they considered life expectancy, social relationships, personal freedom and economy.

Russia and Argentina have signed a series of framework agreements on economic and energy cooperation after talks in Moscow.

  • The agreements include Russian investment in a hydroelectric power plant and a nuclear power plant in Argentina.
  • There was also a memorandum of cooperation in defense matters.
  • Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin

India and France have started today ‘Varuna‘, a 10-day naval exercise, which will see 12 Rafale fighter jets in action off the coast of Goa with a host of naval resources of both countries.

  • This is the 14th edition of ‘Varuna’.
  • This exercise began with the arrival of four French warships in Goa, including the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, two destroyers Chevalier Paul and Jean de Vienne, the oil replenishment Meuse and a maritime patrol aircraft Atlantique 2.
  • Note: India has decided to buy 36 Rafale combat aircraft able to fly away the Indian Air Force.

National Affairs

Today (April 24) is the National Day Panchayati Raj.

  • This date marks a defining moment in the history of decentralization of political power at the grassroots level.
  • Note: (73rd Amendment) Constitution Act, 1992 which came into force with effect from April 24, 1993 has institutionalized Panchayati Raj through the village, intermediate and district level panchayats.

The Rajya Sabha today unanimously Passed a private member’s bill to protect the rights of transgender.

  • The Rights of Transgender Persons Bill- 2014 seeks to Provide for the formulation and implementation of a comprehensive policy for national Ensuring overall development of the transgender persons and their welfare.
  • The bill abuse provides booking two percent in primary, secondary and Higher education and in government jobs.
  • Establishment of Employment Exchange, National and State Commissions for Transgender Persons Transgender Rights and Special Courts are –other hand features of the Bill.
  • Note: With the passing of the Bill, the Rajya Sabha today created history as the last private member’s bill Was Passed in 1970.
  • The last Bill Passed by Parliament Such Was The Supreme Court (Enlargement of Criminal Appellate Jurisdiction) Bill, 1968 ‘that Became an Act on August 9, 1970.

First Battalion of the First Gorkha Rifles Celebrated its bicentenary at Pathankot, today.

  • Hundreds of serving and veteran soldiers of all ranks from India and Nepal Both Attended the ceremony.
  • The Battalion Was raised on this day in 1815 from the remnants of Gorkha General Amar Singh Thapa’s strengths valiantly Who Fought The British Malaun at the Fort near Shimla.
  • The incidence of tuberculosis disease in India is around 2.1 million boxes Annually, as per latest World Health Organisation (WHO) Estimates.
  • Health Minister: J P Nadda

Business & Economy

The Reserve Bank of India HAS revised the priority sector lending norms Direct qui banks to lend to some segments by prescribing targets as a percentage of Their total business.

  • The new norms require banks to assurer That 8% of Their loans go to small and marginal farmers.

To boost landline business, state-run telecom operator BSNL HAS annoncé unlimited free calling scheme During night hours from it fixed line phones to-any operator Including mobile phones anywhere in the country from May 1st, 2015.

  • The operational scheme Would Be entre 9 PM to 7 AM and Would cover all types of connections, BSNL Said in a statement.

National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT), signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with e-commerce giant Snapdeal to roll out digital marketing courses, avocation at helping small and medium business and craftsmen wanting to take the online route to Become Entrepreneurs .

  • India, a net import of urea, is set to Become an Exporting Nation in the next 5 years with an addition of 10 million tonnes (MT) in fertilizing capacity Production Estimated at an investment of Rs 60,000 crore.
  • Fertilize Minister: Ananth Kumar

New Appointments

  • 37 year old Indian-American Vivek Murthy Was sworn-in as the US Surgeon-General
  • He Became the youngest-ever in-charge of the country’s public health.
  • Murthy, Who Took the oath on the Gita, is Now The Highest-ranking Indian American in the Obama administration.

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