Here we are providing some SBI Associates Clerk Interview Review

Hi, welcome to indiawidejobs, here we are giving some SBI Associates Clerk Interview Experience Review by the candidates who went to interview. So the candidate has go through the SBI Associates Clerk Interview Review for your clarity before going to the interview.

SBI Associates Clerk Interview Experience Review


Name – Shrikant

Category – General

Venue – SBI Learning Center, Pune

Date – 16th May 2015

Time – 12.00 PM


Documents Verification–If u r from engg background, bring all semester mark sheets with Xerox. Self-attested is ok, no problem. Though my reporting time is doc’s verification was done by 3 PM.

Panel included 3Male & 1Female

Me- May I come in sir?? (IMP tip– Please do not say “Excuse me Sir, May I come in??” just May I come in–is a good gesture)

M1–Yes Beta, Please Come in.

Me–Good Evening Sirs, good evening Madam (As clock was ticking between 4:10 to 4:11 at that time)

F1: Good evening

M1 was reading my bio data form loudly. Asked about father’s occupation, then asked, ur score in SSC board exam was so good and then u suddenly went down to xx% in 12 they??..Is there any specific reason??

Me–No sir, I didn’t prepare well.

M1-whats your CET score??


M1:Do u think it’s a good score(with throwing a confusing glimpse towards me)

Me-I don’t think Sir

M2 (suddenly interrupted): It was a good score .

Me-just smiled.

M1: also u have a gap before 12th.

I was confused, before I said smiting M2 again interrupted.

M2: No sir In between SSC and HSC there is 11th also, its not gap.

(I was shocked that how can a DGM level person didn’t know about 11th is there also in ssc and hsc.)

M1-U already did job in software industry, then y banking (i am literally tired of this question, but still gave answer, which is common)

Me-it’s a growing sector, banking provides job stability and security

M1(Interrupted suddenly):I have heard this answer 25 times from morning,

Me-Sorry sir, but this is a fact and that’s y most of engineering graduates are turning towards Banking

I think M1 was not satisfied….he threw the ball in M3’s court

M3: What u generally do other than studies??

Me-Internet browsing and reading articles, swimming, I am a member of dhol tasha Pathak(suddenly F1 (She is Maharashtrian) said “That’s good, Form how many yrs. u r playing DHOL??”   Me:-from 4 yrs madam. F1:Good)

M3: which type of articles u read??

Me–India’s foreign policies and international relations

M3- so tell me about our relationship with china

Me-explained with currently our PM’s visit to china

M3-What Maharashtra gained from this tour??

Me-explained about Aurangabad and dong how sister cities project.

M3-about Nepal??

Me-explained with historical background and recent earthquake, media controversies……how Indian media is responsible for Nepal army’s anger

M3 to M2–why our media asked such type of questions, i don’t know, its annoying

M2 just smiled.

M3–the richter is scale is 7.1 knw??..u said 7.4

Me-Sir, another earthquake was happened, it was 7.4.

F1 and M2–yes its 7.4

M3–(Fully satisfied and smiling)….Ok shrikant, now we come towards our main region, our main profession, Banking….tell me about banking

Me-explained with definition and schemes

M3-what are deposit schemes??


Seems M3 is satisfied.

M2-how many exams u gave??


M3(again)-Ok shrikant, tell me about BPL

Me-explained in detail with committees those were set to decide below poverty level

M3-is there any system for BPL identification.

Me-yes, rationing cards r there…..white is for above poverty level and orange is for below poverty level

M3-and what about yellow??

Me-i don’t know sir

M3-It’s for bpl

Me-Ok sir

M1 to F1 u want to ask any questions??.F1 said NO

M1–Ok Shrikant, we r done.. All the best for ur future

Me-Thank you sir, Have a good day !!!

So overall interview was good…


So be confident (There are some students in my batch ,who have taken notes of their HOBBIES with them and they were mugging up before their turn…..literally…..dont do that…Mention ur hobbies only in which u have interest)

Don’t take any tension…BE CONFIDENT..ALL THE BEST