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Hitachi is really making a better way for golden career of many graduates and Post Graduates those who are looking for jobs in MNC companies like Hitachi and some other companies too by attending written test at them. Hitachi Placement papers will definitely give a right direction to candidates those who are hardly trying to get jobs in Hitachi. These job aspirants are strictly following all the aptitude questions which are highly pointed in placement papers of Hitachi. There will be a better consequence after attending Hitachi written test after referring complete collection of Hitachi placement papers. Let this website provide a wholesome of Hitachi aptitude questions that are mostly asked in written test. Please concentrate more and refer placement papers with solutions by downloading Hitachi previous papers pdf from our website. By analyzing previous year papers of Hitachi and based on the feedback provide by candidates whoever attempted for written test at the company team prepared Hitachi placement papers with solutions and paving a better way to succeed at written tests.

About the Company: Hitachi is one of the major organizations which is built on pillar of various sectors like information technology, electronics, digital media and consumer products. Hitachi Global is among top notch versatile companies in the world. Hitachi is leading in almost consumer based business all round the world.

Sample Aptitude Questions:

1) In a murder case there are four suspects P,Q,R,S. Each of them makes a statement. They are

p: “I had gone to the theatre with S at the time of the murder”.

q: “I was playing cards with P at the time of the murder”.

r: “Q didn’t commit the murder”.

s: “R is not the murderer”.

Assuming the only one of the above statement is false and that one of them is the murderer, who is the murderer?

  1. a) P
  2. b) Q
  3. c) R
  4. d) Can’t be concluded
  5. e) S

ans: E.) r and s are true as first two statements are contradictory. thus either P or S is murderer. as q is not murderer, he is telling truth that P was with him. hence S is murderer.

2) Mohan earned twice as much as Deep. Yogesh earned rs.3/- more than half as much as deep. If the amounts earned by Mohan,Deep,Yogesh are M,D,Y respectively, Which of the following is the correct ordering of these amounts?

  1. a) M < D < Y b) M < Y < D c) D < M < Y
  2. d) It cann’t be determined from the information given e) D < Y < M

ans d)

03) Statistics indicate that men drivers are involved in more accidents than women drivers.

Hence it may be concluded that…

  1. a) sufficiently information is not there to conclude anything
  2. b) Men are actually better drivers but drive more frequently
  3. c) Women Certainly drive more cautiously than Men d) Men chauvinists are wrong about women’s abilties. e) Statistics sometimes present a wrong picture of things

04) What does the hex number E78 correspond to in radix 7 ?

  1. a) 12455 b) 14153 c) 14256 d) 13541 e) 13112


5)Given that A,B,C,D,E each represent one of the digits between 1 and 9 and that the following multiplication holds: A B C D E X 4 ————– E D C B A ————– what digit does E represent ?

  1. a) 4 b) 6 c) 8 d) 7

Ans: c

6) Prototyping machine can make 10 copies every 4 seconds. At this rate, How many copies can the machine make in 6 min.?

  1. a) 900 b) 600 c) 360 d) 240 e) 150

ans: a

7) if a=2,b=4,c=5 then a+b c

—– – —- =

c a+b

  1. a) 1
  2. b) 11/30 c) 0
  3. d) -11/30 e) -1

ans: b

8) 10^2(10^8+10^8) =



  1. a) 2(10)^4 b) 2(10)^6 c) 10^8
  2. d) 2(10)^8 e) 10^10

ans: b

9) Worker W produces n units in 5 hours. Workers V and W, workers independently but at the same time, produce n units in 2 hours. How long would it take V alone to produce n units?

  1. a) 1 hr 26 min b) 1 hr 53 min c) 2 hr 30 min d) 3 hr 30 min e) 3 hr 20 min

ans: d (e)

10) if q <> 0 and k = qr/2 -s, then what is r in terms of k,q,s?

  1. a) 2k+s—- q
  2. b) 2sk —- q
  3. c) 2(k-s) —– q
  4. d) 2k+sq —– q
  5. e) 2(k+s) —— q

ans: e

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