IDBI Bank Executive Interview Experience on 19/08/2015

Name Of the Candidate: Namrata Dash

Interview Date: 19/08/2015

Place: Bhubaneswar

Panel: VI

Hi welcome to, here we are going to give the candidates Interview Experience of IDBI Bank Executive and some of the questions asked in the IDBI Bank Executive Interview

Lady: What impression is your dress? (As I wore the dress Sambaluri).

M1 and Lady: Why are you so thin!!! ??? Your height and weight meet?? (As I am very thin … ☺)

Lady: Why did you leave Infosys?

Lady: After leaving Infosys, why not join another company? Why only bank?

M1: Why prefer to join the bank being a B.Tech?

M2 (Punjabi) nodded only.

M3 eating a fruit salad. And asked nothing.

M1: Tell us about your family history.

M1: You’re very studious (As I above 90% in my school). Why do you come to this position? You should go for IDBI Manipal (As I described the writing) or IBPS PO. What other single graduate? How will you feel if a BA / B.Sc degree in more than sit in the office?

M1: What is the major problem in our country today?

Me: I said unemployment. So he asked me to suggest something to reduce unemployment?

Then he himself told me something I did not know say Easy money policy.

M1: If the interest rate is reduced loses and who will benefit? Will increase your income or decrease? I said wrong.

Lady: What do you do in your spare time?

Me: I listen to music and writing poems in Odia (my native language).So she told me to recite two lines of my poem.

Just say thank you.

They were very friendly. Overall it was a great experience.

All The Best for your IDBI Bank Executive Interview