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Hi friends welcome to India wide jobs here we are providing the information related to government jobs and software jobs, now we are providing the igate aptitude papers for the fresher candidates because maximum students were struggling to solve the placement test. If any student wants the job in I Gate they must solve the written test. The igate written test is very tough for fresher candidates if any one wants   to beat the igate placement test. They should have to practice the papers of igate placement papers.

About igate previous papers

The igate question papers are available in pdf formats the students who want the igate aptitude questions they can download these papers. The igate aptitude questions papers are available in below links. In this igate placement papers we have differing kinds of questions like reasoning, Aptitude and verbal questions. By practicing these igate placement papers students can get the clear vision on the placement test of IGATE. The downloading process of igate aptitude papers is by clicking on below links the igate placement papers will open in new tab by clicking on saving image the placement will downloaded in to your device. For more and other software placement papers are available in India wide jobs.


About Igate

IGATE, part of the Capgemini Group, is a global leader in providing technology-based solutions and integrated operations, based in Bridgewater, New Jersey. As a trusted partner for companies in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, IGATE provides solutions to business challenges of its clients by leveraging its technology and processes, capacity subscribed by an understanding of the domain and industry requirements. With revenues of more than US $ 1.2 billion and aggregate principal talent of employees over 33,484, we offer productized applications and platforms that provide a competitive advantage and innovation necessary for customers in all sectors, through a combination of speed, agility and imagination. At a time when the technology landscape is changing dramatically, we believe that these three attributes are the essential guidelines for us to navigate our way to greater value for all our stakeholders.

Here are some sample questions with solutions of Igate Placement Papers

1) one man sold two items at 20% loss and 20%profit.Net % loss/gain?

 Ans: In such cases always loss (20/10)^2= 4%loss.

2)  series question :

  Ans:  I think no1 solved it 4,2,3,7.5,26.25,- ,-

    Find the next two numbers.

3) Si questions was there, Given: principal=480, Rate=3.5%, Time=2 month 15 days Find SI? =( 480*3.5*(5/2*12))/100

     i.e take 2month 15 days as 2.5 month and conert into year and solve.

4) GHITZ is ….I don’t remember exactly but i remember the concept     They replaced last with first, second last with sec, What i mean is A – Z B- Y c- x   and so on.

5) 1/10 is how much of 3/4?

     Ans:  (1/10)/(3/4)

6) 1/6 boys and 1/3 Girls? What is ratio if children?

     Ans: 1/2  ie 1/6+1/3=1/2 = 50%

7) I n how much time 100km will be covered if a girl travels at 10km/hr and halts for 10min every 15km

    Ans: 100/10=10


8) Probality of sundays in an ordinary year?

    Ans:  2/7

9) on eman walked 1/4,3 1/4,7 1/4,9 1/4 and other man walked 2/4,2 1/4,  2 2/3,3 1/4 kms.  Who walked more and by how much

10) Number question, Let number =10*x + y given: xy=18.

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