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Job aspirants are eagerly searching for jobs in MNC companies and they are looking for placement papers of those companies. Those kind of job seekers can refer placement papers with answers are having better chances of cracking written tests at them. There will be a chance of repeating questions in Intergraph placement papers year to year. So please concentrate on practicing and referring placement papers with solutions by downloading Intergraph previous papers pdf from our website. There is only  reason behind publishing Intergraph placement papers on our website is to give a perfect hand note of complete analysis over Intergraph placement papers with answers which were a bit difficult to make an dedicated attempt while attending for written test in Intergraph. Most of the job seekers those who are attempting to get into MNC companies are failing at written test due to lack of complete awareness over Intergraph aptitude questions. It is leading to failure of the candidate in some other companies too. In order to give perfect guidance about Intergraph placement papers we are highly focusing on placement paper patterns and ways of aptitude questions that are asked in Intergraph placement papers. By keen observation of previous year papers of Intergraph and based on the feedback provide by candidates whoever attempted for written test at that company team is preparing Intergraph placement papers with solutions and paving an easy way to succeed at written tests. will always try to provide complete information regarding Intergraph aptitude questions up to date. So keep on visiting this website for placement papers with answers. In the below post you can refer Intergraph aptitude questions that are commonly appeared in Intergraph placement papers.

About the company: Intergraph is one of the major enterprise in IT product design and deliver sector. In this organization new information technology is integrated into evolving IT systems, technical needs. Intergraph provides implementation assistance, ongoing product upgrades, and technical support.

Sample Aptitude Questions:

Directions (1-3): Study the information given below to answer these questions:

(i) A certain city is served by six subway lines, designated by the letters A, B and C, and the numbers 1,2 and 3.

(ii) When it snows, morning service on the B line is delayed.

(iii) When it rains or snows, service on the A, 2 and 3 lines is delayed both in the morning as well as in the afternoon.

(iv) When the temperature drops below 30o F, afternoon service if cancelled on either the A line or the 3 line, but not both.

(v) When the temperature rises above 90o F, afternoon service is cancelled on either the C line or the 3 line, but not both.

(vi) When service on the A line is cancelled, service on the C line, which connects the A line, is delayed

(vii) When service on the 3 line is cancelled, service on the B line which connects the 3 line, is delayed.

Ans:- 2

  1. 1. On January 10, with the temperature at 15o F, it snows all day. On how many lines will the service be affected, both in the morning as well as in the afternoon?

1) 3

2) 2

3) 4

4) 5

Ans:- 4

  1. On August 15, with the temperature at 97o F, it begins to rain at 1 p.m. What is the minimum number of lines on which the service will be affected?

1) 3

2) 2

3) 4

4) 5

Ans:- 1

  1. On which of the following occasions would service on the least number of lines be disrupted?

1) A snowy morning with temperature 45o F

2) A snowy afternoon with temperature 45o F

3) A rainy morning with temperature 45o F

4) A snowy afternoon with temperature 20o F


Directions (4-5): Six products U,V,W, X,Y, and Z are to be placed in display windows of a shop. There are six display windows 1,2,3,4,5,6, and one product is to be displayed in one window. Moreover, U cannot be displayed immediately to the left or immediately to the right of V. W must be displayed immediately to the left of X. Z cannot be displayed in window number 6.

  1. Which of the following products cannot be displayed in window number 1?

1) V

2) U

3) W

4) X

Ans:- 4

  1. If X is displayed in window number 3, then W must be displayed in which window?

1) 2

2) 1

3) 4

4) 5

Ans:- 1

Directions (6-9): Study the following information carefully and answer the question given below them:

After months of talent searching for an Administrative Assistant to the President of the college, the field of applicants has been narrowed down to five (A, B, C, D, and E,). It was announced that the finalist would be chosen after holding a series of all day group personal interviews. The examining committee agreed upon the following procedure:

(I) The interviews will be held once a week.

(II) Not more then three candidates will appear at any all-day interview session.

(III) Each candidate will appear at least once.

(IV) If it becomes necessary to call applicants for additional interview, then not more than one such applicant should be asked to appear the next week.

(V) Because of a detail in the written application, it was agreed that whenever Candidate B appears, A should also present.

(VI) Because of the travel difficulties, it was agreed that C will appear for only one interview.

  1. At the first interview, the following candidates appear: A,B and D. Which of the following combinations can be called for the interview to be held the next week?

1) CDE

2) BCD

3) ABE

4) ABC

Ans:- 1

  1. Which of the following is a possible sequence of combinations for interviews in two successive weeks?





Ans:- 3

  1. If A, B and D appear at the interviews and D is called for an additional interview the following week, then which two candidates may be asked to appear with D?
  2. A



  1. E

1) I and III only

2) I and II only

3) II and III only

4) III and IV only

Ans:- 4

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