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In order to give perfect guidance about Ittiam placement papers we are highly focusing on placement paper patterns and ways of questions that are asked in Ittiam placement papers. By analyzing previous year papers of Ittiam and based on the feedback provide by candidates whoever attempted for written test at that company team is preparing Ittiam placement papers with solutions and paving an easy way to succeed at written tests. will always try to provide complete information regarding Ittiam aptitude questions up to date. So keep on visiting this website for placement papers with answers. In the below post you can refer sample questions that are commonly appeared in Ittiam placement papers.

Candidates those who are looking for jobs in Ittiam are searching for placement papers of Ittiam. Those kind of job seekers can refer placement papers with answers are having better chances of cracking written tests at Ittiam. There will be a chance of repeating questions in Ittiam placement papers year to year. So please concentrate on practicing placement papers with solutions by downloading Ittiam previous papers pdf from our website. There is only  reason behind publishing placement papers on our website is to give a perfect hand note of complete analysis over Ittiam placement papers with answers which were a bit difficult to make an dedicated attempt while attending for written test in Ittiam. Most of the job seekers those who are attempting to get into MNC companies are failing at written test due to lack of complete awareness over Ittiam aptitude questions. It is leading to failure of the candidate in some other companies too.

About the Company: Ittiam is one of the global technology driven organization all over the world. This is mainly leading in Research and Development and its related operations. Its also a leading provider of digital media solutions. Main motto of Ittiam is media creation, management and delivery.

Sample Aptitude Questions:

1) Successive discounts of 20% and 15% are equal to a single discount of

(a) 30%

(b) 32%

(c) 34%

(d) 35%

(e) 36

Ans. (b)

2) The petrol tank of an automobile can hold g liters. If a liters was removed when the tank was full, what part of the full tank was removed?



(c) a/g

(d) (g-a)/a

(e) (g-a)/g

Ans. (c)

3) If x/y=4 and y is not ‘0’ what % of x is 2x-y





Ans. (b)

4) Consider a road with two cars, at a distance of 100 kilometers, driving towards each other. The left car drives at a speed of forty kilometers per hour and the right car at a speed of sixty kilometers per hour. A bird starts at the same location as the right car and flies at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour. When it reaches the left car it turns its direction, and when it reaches the right car it turns its direction again to the opposite, etcetera. What is the total distance that the bird has traveled at the moment that the two cars have reached each other?

If you have written down a full paper of mathematical formulas, you haven’t been thinking in the right direction. It is obvious that the two cars meet each other after one hour. On that moment, the bird has flown for one hour. Conclusion: The bird has flown 80 km/h × 1 h = 80 km. .

5) A number is called a palindrome when it is equal to the number you get when all its digits Postman Pat delivers the mail in the small village Tenhouses. This village, as you already suspected, has only one street with exactly ten houses, numbered from 1 up to and including 10. In a certain week, Pat did not deliver any mail at two houses in the village; at the other houses he delivered mail three times each. Each working day he delivered mail at exactly four houses. The sums of the house numbers where he delivered mail were: on Monday: 18 on Tuesday: 12 on Wednesday: 23 on Thursday: 19 on Friday: 32 op Saturday: 25 on Sunday: he never works Which two houses didn’t get any mail that week?

If postman Pat would have delivered mail three times at each house, then the total sum of the house numbers per day would be (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10)×3=165. Now that sum is 18+12+23+19+32+25=129. The difference is 165-129=36; divided by 3 this is 12. The sum of the house numbers where no mail was delivered is therefore 12. The following combinations are possible: 2+10




Each day at four houses the mail was delivered. On Tuesday the sum was 12. 12 can only be made from four house numbers in 2 ways:



The same holds for Friday with the sum of 32



From this we can conclude that the house numbers 1, 2, 9 and 10 for sure have received mail, which means that the combinations 2+10 and 3+9 are not possible. Also the combination 5+7 is not possible, because mail was delivered either at house 5 or at house 7. Thus the only remaining solution is: houses 4 and 8.

N.B.: there are various possibilities for the actual post delivery of the whole week. For example: Monday houses 1, 3, 5 and 9

Tuesday houses 1, 2, 3 and 6

Wednesday houses 1, 5, 7 and 10

Thursday houses 2, 3, 5 and 9

Friday houses 6, 7, 9 and 10

Saturday houses 2, 6, 7 and 10 .

6) You walk upwards on an escalator, with a speed of 1 step per second. After 50 steps you are at the end. You turn around and run downwards with a speed of 5 steps per second. After 125 steps you are back at the beginning of the escalator. How many steps do you need if the escalator stands still?

Let v be the speed of the escalator, in steps per second. Let L be the number of steps that you need to take when the escalator stands still. Upwards (along with the escalator), you walk 1 step per second. You need 50 steps, so that takes 50 seconds. This gives: L – 50 × v = 50. Downwards (against the direction of the escalator), you walk 5 steps per second. You need 125 steps, so that takes 25 seconds. This gives: L + 25 × v = 125. From the two equations follows: L = 100, v = 1. When the escalator stands still, you need 100 steps.

7) A cable, 16 meters in length, hangs between two pillars that are both 15 meters high. The ends of the cable are attached to the tops of the pillars. At its lowest point, the cable hangs 7 meters above the ground. How far are the two pillars apart?

Note that it is a kind of trick question: the pillars stand next to each other. Which means that the cable goes 8 meters straight down and 8 meters straight up. Conclusion: The distance between the pillars is zero meters..

8) From a book, a number of pages are missing. The sum of the page numbers of these pages is 9808. Which pages are missing?

Let the number of missing pages be n and the first missing page p+1. Then the pages p+1 up to and including p+n are missing, and n times the average of the numbers of the missing pages must be equal to 9808:

n×( ((p+1)+(p+n))/2 ) = 9808

In other words:

n×(2×p+n+1)/2 = 2×2×2×2×613


n×(2×p+n+1) = 2×2×2×2×2×613

One of the two terms n and 2×p+n+1 must be even, and the other one must be odd. Moreover, the term n must be smaller than the term 2×p+n+1. It follows that there are only two solutions:

n=1 and 2×p+n+1=2×2×2×2×2×613, so n=1 and p=9808, so only page 9808 is missing. n=2×2×2×2×2 and 2×p+n+1=613, so n=32 and p=290, so the pages 291 up to and including 322 are missing.

Because it is asked which pages (plural) are missing, the solution is: the pages 291 up to and including 322 are missing.

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