KEAM Engg Paper 1 Answer key of Physics & Chemistry (25th April) – Check CEE KEAM Answer key

KEAM Engg Paper 1 Answer key of Physics & Chemistry (25th April)

Kerala Engineering Architecture Medical Entrance Exam Answer Keys and Solutions to be Published soon after Entrance Test, The KEAM answer key 2016  of Engineering will be published by the conduct exam authority, namely the Commissioner of the entrance examination, Government of Kerala, after the start of the entrance examination. Candidates wishing to appear in medical KEAM 2016 can check the official Keam Engineering Answer key 2016 of Paper 1 from the key link below on this page. The entrance examination should be conducted on consecutive days ie April 27 and 28, 2016. KEAM Engineering Paper 1 Answer key 2016 will be divided into two documents. Paper 1 will be subject Physics and Chemistry, while Paper 2 will be about biology. Paper one of the KEAM 2016 will be made on April 27 and paper 2 April 28, 2016.

KEAM Paper 1 Answer Key 2016 of Physics and chemistry

KEAM Paper 1 Answer Key 2016 will help candidates to frame their answers in the OMR sheet marked with the published in the KEAM Engg Paper 1 Answer key of Physics & Chemistry. Applicants should note that the paper issue of the two tests will be divided into four versions. Paper 1 of Physics and Chemistry will be A1, A2, A3 and A4 version, while 2 Biology paper will B1, B2, B3 and B4 version. Medical KEAM answer key 2016 will be published for each version of these two exams.

Kerala SSLC Results 2016 (Going to release 27th April)

Click here for KEAM Engineering Paper 1 Physics Answer key 2016 

Click here for KEAM Engineering Paper 1 Chemistry Answer key 2016

KEAM Engg Paper 1 Answer key 2016 of Physics & Chemistry

Kerala Engineering & Medical Examination will be held on 25, 26, 27 and 28 April 2016. The KEAM Result 2016 will be declared May 25, 2016 and 2016 KEAM Answer key (non-official) will be updated within 1-2 days after the examination . While the official Keam Engineering paper 1 answer key 2016 of Physics and chemistry  will be published key to in one week from the date of KEAM 2016 exam.

KEAM paper 1 Answer key 2016 of Engineering

Kerala Engineering and Medical Examination (KEAM) Answer key 2016 will be published by the CEE Kerala soon. Visit the official website or you can click on link below to download KEAM Answer key 2016. Read the following details for more information.

KEAM Engineering Paper 1 Answer key 2016

The Kerala for the entrance exams (CEE) gave notification to the KEAM 2016 and  examination will be performed on 25, 26, 27 and 28 April 2016 for engineering and medical admission session 2016. A very large number of candidates have appeared for the examination KEAM. Students eagerly awaiting the KEAM Answer Key 2016 to be published on the website.

KEAM Engineering Paper 1 Answer Key 2016 of Physics

KEAM answer key contains the answers to all the questions in KEAM 2016 examination and candidates will be able to verify the answers and make the assumption to selected or not. For each wrong answer will deduct 1/4 CEE mark your score, so calculate the score correctly understood the negative marking. Be careful when calculating marks.

KEAM Engineering Answer key 2016 paper 1

KEAM 2016 Engineering Entrance Examination today April 25, 2016 in several examination centers all over Kerala. A very large number of candidates had appeared in the entrance examination KEAM 2016 and all those who are now eagerly looking KEAM 2016 Answer key Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics answer key included with set wise solutions. Kerala govt will announce the results KEAM CEE in 2016 on its official website before you see the results of candidates can check the engineering KEAM Answer key 2016 figure marks and cut marks before the results.

KEAM Paper 1 Answer key 2016

Kerala government has conducted tests on 25 and 26 April 2016. Each year Kerala Government Commissioner will conduct entrance examinations (CEE Kerala in April. KEAM CEE exam 2016 engineering will be conducted to take admissions in engineering courses, agriculture and architecture in the state of Kerala. The paper engineering KEAM paper 1 answer key four whole paper and are A1, A2, A3 and A4, where the 1-72 issue belongs to submit Physics and Question number 73-120 comes with the chemistry subject under all versions along with five choices. There will be negative marks for every wrong answer. Answer key will help applicants estimate the scores, cut marks and rank before the results.

KEAM Engineering Answer key  2016 Paper 1 Physics and Chemistry

The KEAM answer sheet with engineering solutions for mathematics, physics and chemistry are released for students that have been taken by the various institutions of engineering in Kerala and officially released a few days after the completion of examination. Students who appear to KEAM engineering review and the experts said that all subjects booklet covers four sets with resolve issues. Keam 2016 paper engineering questions are the right answers to all the questions asked in different sets. Candidates for the exam notes to review their potential use KEAM 2016 paper engineering paper 1 key to the physics and chemistry. If not satisfied, the applicant is to pay the tax under the key official response can be a challenge.

KEAM 2016 answer key download Engineering Physics and Chemistry

Each document includes 120 questions and a total score of 480 marks. All questions will be composed of multiple types of choices. Each correct answer will be awarded four marks and each wrong answer will get a brand deducted from the total score. Candidates will be earned minimum cutoff mark will be awarded KEAM rank card and allowed for the consultation process to get admission in various colleges and institutions in the state of Kerala. Chemistry and physics in order to avoid a collision with a paper and a second article in this issue of Cell Biology will take place during the session of the afternoon took place in the 1st session.

KEAM Engineering Answer key  2016 Paper 1 Physics and Chemistry

Kerala Commissioner entrance examination conducted today KEAM 2016. Now you are looking for Keam paper 1 answer key engineering Physics and Chemistry. This entrance examination is known as Kerala engineering and medical entrance examination. This entrance test is conducted by the CEE, Kerala. More than fifty thousand students have asked 50,000 (Fifty thousand) for this state-level engineering review. They released the notification of this test in December 2015. KEAM 2016 score will be used to take admission in various engineering colleges in Kerala. It is compulsory to write this review to take admission in engineering colleges in the state of Kerala. Candidates can apply for this online engineering entrance test, from 3 January 2016 to 29 January 2016.

KEAM Answer Key 2016 – Engineering / Medicine

KEAM Answer key 2016  is used to check if the answer is correct or not is written in the answer sheet. candidates can compare what they wrote in the answer sheet with the original answer key. Comparing KEAM 2016 Answer Key attempts Engineering with questions give you an idea of how was your performance in the examination room. You can also check how many points you can get the exam. Know the brands will help you to predict how you will rank in KEAM engineering examination in 2016.

KEAM Paper I Answer key 2016 of Physics and Chemistry

The first document in the exam of the engineering was KEAM Physics and Chemistry. This paper consists of questions both chemistry and physics. This is an objective type question paper contains multiple choice question (MCQ). Applicants must make good answer bubbles only. There be negative marking for each wrong answer attempting candidates. The total number of questions in the paper 1 Physics and Chemistry is 120. If the candidate gives correct answer to a question, he will be awarded 4 points. if the bubble candidates in a wrong answer, a mark will be reduced to its brands in total. So the total marks in the paper 1 Physics and Chemistry is 480 (Total questions are 120 points for each question is whether the total 4. 1 paper is 480 marks, 120 * 4 = 480)

Steps to Obtain KEAM Answer Key 2016\

Contestants first of all log on to the official website which is (or use below provided link)

Then look out the “KEAM 2016” segment mention on a left side of the page.

Afterwards, in this, you may click on “Examination Details”

Click on desirable link or set which you want to acquire

After clicking on you can obtain your solved keys in PDF format

Download it & take a print out of it.

After that, check your solutions according to these inputs.

Question # Set A1 Set A2 Set A3 Set A4
1 A B A D
2 E A A E
3 C B D E
4 D C E C
5 A D A E
6 B D D D
7 A C E B
8 C B E A
9 A D A C
10 C C B B
11 B A E B
12 A E D E
13 A A B A
14 C B D C
15 D D A A
16 D E D E
17 C D C E
18 B C E E
19 D D A A
20 C C A E
21 A A B C
22 E A A D
23 A D B A
24 B E C B
25 D A D A
26 E D E C
27 D E E A
28 C E C C
29 D A E B
30 D B D A
31 C E B B
32 A D A C
33 D B C D
34 E D B D
35 A A B C
36 D D E B
37 E C A D
38 E E C C
39 A A A A
40 B A E E
41 E B E A
42 D A E B
43 B B A D
44 D C E E
45 A D C D
46 D E D C
47 C E A D
48 E C B C
49 A E A A
50 A D C A
51 B B A D
52 A A C E
53 B C B A
54 C B A D
55 D B B E
56 E E C E
57 E A D A
58 C C D B
59 E A C E
60 D E B D
61 B E D B
62 A E C D
63 C A A A
64 B E E D
65 B C A C
66 E D B E
67 A A D A
68 C B E A
69 A A D B
70 E C C A
71 E A D B
72 E C C C
73 C E A B
74 B B D D
75 E A B A
76 D E D E
77 B&E B B A
78 E D D B
79 E C C C
80 B B B D
81 C B D D
82 E D A E
83 E A E B
84 D D A C
85 E B B E
86 C D C C
87 E B D B
88 B D D C
89 A C E C
90 E B B C
91 B D C B
92 D A E E
93 C E C D
94 B A B B&E
95 B B C E
96 D C C E
97 A D C B
98 D D B C
99 B E E E
100 D B D E
101 B C B&E D
102 D E E E
103 C C E C
104 B B B E
105 D C C B
106 A C E A
107 E C E E
108 A B D B
109 B E E D
110 C D C C
111 D B&E E B
112 D E B B
113 E E A D
114 B B E A
115 C C B D
116 E E D B
117 C E C D
118 B D B B
119 C E B D
120 C C D C




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