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Hi friends welcome to India wide jobs here we provide the information all kinds of job like Sarkari Naukri and sarkari results and newly providing the information about l&t infotech aptitude papers. These papers are very useful for the all the students who are suffering from the written test failure. Actually fresher students everyone has to attempt the written test when they are going to interview because now all MNC Companies first they are conducting the written test. For that students who are attending written in l&t Infotech they have referred these l&t Infotech aptitude papers because without this knowledge students face some problems in written test. The best way to solve those problems please practice the l&t placement papers very well by practicing these placement papers students get clear idea on l&t placement exam.

Details of L&T Company Placement Papers


In this L&t Infotech placement papers having some differ kinds of Aptitude, Reasoning questions. By practicing these placement papers of l&t Infotech students get a clear vision on the written test like what kind of question will come etc., Below we provide the links of l&t Infotech aptitude papers the students who want to download the l&t Infotech placement papers with solutions pdf By clicking on below links pdf are open into a new tab and click on save button on below then the, l&t placement papers will be available in your devices.

About L&T Company

L & T Infotech (Larsen & Toubro Infotech), a subsidiary of L & T (Larsen & Toubro) is a global IT services company based in Mumbai, India. L & T Infotech is ranked number 6 in the IT business in India in 2013-2014. The company has 39 offices in 22 countries registered. It uses standards (SEI) Capability Maturity Model of the Software Engineering Institute (CMM) and is a certified Level 5 organization.

Some question in l&t company placement papers

Three persons A, B and C separately have some amount of money. If 1/3rd of A’s money is equal to 1/4th of B’s amount which equals 1/7th of C’s money, then at what times of their total amount is equivalent to C’s money?

  1. a) 1/3 b) 1/2 c) 1/7   d) 1/4

There are four integers p, q, r and s. The quotient, which gets when the sum of twice of p and thrice of q is divided by their difference is equivalent to another quotient, which gets when the sum of twice of r and thrice of s is divided by their difference. Then which of the following is true?

  1. a) pq = rs b) p/s = r/q c) p/q = r/s d) 2ps = 3qr

Answer : c) p/q = r/s

There are 4 unequal integers such that the difference of 1st two is 6 more than the sum of the next two numbers and sum of the 1st two is 3 less than the difference of next two then what will be the value of difference of 1st and 3rd ?

  1. a) 1.5 b) 2 c) 3.5   d) 7

Answer : a) 1.5

Evaluate 999 + 999 1/45 + 999 2/45 + ….+ 999 9/45

  1. a) 1/45 b) 999 c) 9991 d) 9990

Answer : c)9991

Simplify : 9999 + 9999 1/15428 + 9999 4/15428 + 9999 9/15428 +….+ 9999 729/15428 + 9999 78/15428.

  a) 289971.5 b) 289971 c) 289172.5 d) 19998

Answer : a) 289971.5

Simplify : 999 850/940 x 4700 + 999 580/940 x 5640

  1. a) 11334890 b) 10337390 c) 34335290 d) 28337390

Answer : b) 10337390

A and B collect fruits from some trees such that A picks 4 from each tree while B picks 3 from each tree. And the number of trees that B used is 4 more than that of A. If A and B have equal number of fruits then what will be the total number of fruits in their collection?

a)48     b)96     c)72     d)120

Answer : b)96

The time taken by a hose to fill up a cistern is less than the time taken by another hose used for the same purpose by 6 minutes. If 1st one is 5/2 times faster than the second, What is the time taken by 1st hose to fill up?

a)4mins           b)10mins         c)40mins         d)25mins

Answer : a)4mins.

In a particular day, one of two salesmen get orders for 19 items more than the other where each item worth Rs.400. The other one gets orders of worth Rs.800 per item . If the collection amount of the day are equal then the number of orders of them is:

a)(7,16) b)(13,32) c)(36,17) d)(38,19)

Answer : d)(38,19).

A can build a wall in 12 days, B can do the same in 16 days and C can do in 24 days. Totally 6 walls are to be built. ‘A’ does the work for first 16 days and ‘B’ continues the work for the next 12 days. How many days should C work?

a)24     b)48     c)94     d)47

Answer : c)94

P, Q and R can paint a house in 40, 60 and 120 days respectively. If P is assisted by Q and R on every fourth day then find the number of days P requires to complete the painting work.

a)32     b)42     c)64     d)63

Answer : a)32

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