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Here we are going to update the all placement papers of all top MNC companies. While coming to the niit, conducts the placements regularly for fresher as well as for the experience candidates. The organization want to recruit the eligible and talented candidates to work in the organization. NIIT Placements selection process can be done in 3 rounds like written test, technical round and HR interview as the 3rd round. Massive number of candidates are attending for the NIIT Placements. So all those candidates are searching for the niit placement papers pdf on internet. For all those candidates we are providing the niit technologies placement papers to download. So all candidates who are searching for the niit interview questions and answers are now can download from the given below links. So the candidates who are going to attend the niit placements can refer these niit placement papers pdf then you will get clear idea about what type of questions asking in the written exam. So the candidates can prepare well for the exam.


These NIIT Placement papers pdf contains the different types of questions in different topics. Those topics are aptitude, reasoning, basic programming language question and some simple grammar questions. But some people are facing the problem in niit aptitude test questions. So those people we are providing span niit aptitude test papers. By downloading niit technical interview questions candidates can get the clear idea about what type of question asking in aptitude section. So the candidates who want to download niit placement papers pdf can download from the below links. For the candidates refer we also providing the niit interview questions java in the below links.

About niit

Founded in 1981, NIIT Limited, a world leader in the development of skills and talents, provides learning management solutions and delivery of multi-disciplinary training to companies, institutions and individuals in over 40 countries. He became known in particular as a society of corporate training and Industrial Training Corporation, with tailored programs for small and large businesses. NIIT has three main areas of activity within the company globe-Learning Group, skills and careers Group and the Group of school learning.

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Some niit placement papers questions

  1. A family I know has several children. Each boy in this family has as many sisters as brothers but each girl has twice as many brothers as sisters. How many brothers and sisters are there?

Ans: 4 boys and 3 girls.

  1. In a soap company a soap is manufactured with 11 parts. For making one soap you will get 1 part as scrap. At the end of the day u have 251 such scraps. From that how many soaps can be manufactured?

Ans: 25.

  1. There is a 5 digit no. 3 pairs of sum is eleven each. Last digit is 3 times the first one. 3 rd digit is 3 less than the second. 4th digit is 4 more than the second one. Find the digit.

Ans : 25296.

  1. Every day a cyclist meets a train at a particular crossing. The road is straight before the crossing and both are traveling in the same direction. The cyclist travels with a speed of 10 KMPH. One day the cyclist comes late by 25 min. and meets the train 5km before the crossing. What is the speed of the train?

Ans: 60 KMPH

  1. Two twins have certain peculiar characteristics. One of them always lies on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The other always lies on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. On the other days they tell the truth. You are given a conversation.

Person A– today is Sunday my name is Anil

Person B — today is Tuesday, my name is Bill

What day is today?

Ans: Today is Tuesday

Directions 6:10

In each of the questions given below which one of the five answer figures on the right should come after the problem figures on the left, if the sequence were continued ?

Answers 6-10

6 E. 7. C 8. B 9.E 10. D

Directions 11-15: Each problem consists of a problem followed by two statements. Decide whether the data in the statements are sufficient to answer the question. Select your answer

according to whether:

(A) statement 1 alone is sufficient, but statement 2 alone is not sufficient to answer the question

(B) statement 2 alone is sufficient, but statement 1 alone is not sufficient to answer thequestion

(C) both statements taken together are sufficient to answer the question, but neither statementalone is sufficient

(D) each statement alone is sufficient

(E) statements 1 and 2 together are not sufficient, and additional data is needed to answer the question

  1. If x and y are both positive integers, how much greater is x than y?

x + y = 20

x = y²

  1. Fifty percent of the articles in a certain magazine are written by staff members. Sixty percent of the articles are on current affairs. If 75 percent of the articles on current affairs are written by staff members with more than 5 years experience of journalism, how many of the articles on current affairs are written by journalists with more than 5 years experience? 20 articles are written by staff members. Of the articles on topics other than current affairs, 50 percent are by staff members with less than 5 years experience.
  2. Is xy > 0 ?

x/y < 0

x + y < 0

14 One number, n, is selected at random from a set of 10 integers. What is the probability that ½ n + 13 = 0 ? The largest integer in the set is 13. The arithmetic mean of the set is zero?

  1. Is w a whole number? 3w is an odd number. 2w is an even number.

Directions (Question 16 to 19 ) : Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below it. IV.

  1. i) There are six friends A,B,C,D,E and F
  2. ii) Each one is proficient in one of the games, namely Badminton, Vollyball, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis and Polo

iii) Each owns a different coloured car, namely yellow, green, black, white, blue and red.

  1. iv) D plays Polo and owns a yellow coloured car
  2. v) C does not play either Tennis or Hockey and owns neither blue nor yellow coloured car
  3. vi) E owns a white car and plays Badminton

vii) B does not play Tennis, he owns a red coloured car.

viii) A plays Cricket and owns a black car

  1. Who plays Volleyball ?
  2. A) B
  3. B) C
  4. C) F
  5. D) Data inadequate
  6. E) None of these

Ans: B

  1. Which coloured car F owns ?
  2. A) Green
  3. B) Blue
  4. C) Either Green or Blue
  5. D) Data inadequate
  6. E) None of these

Ans: B

  1. Which of the following combinations of colour of car and game played is not correct ?
  2. A) Yellow – Polo
  3. B) Green – Tennis
  4. C) Black – Cricket
  5. D) Red- Hockey
  6. E) None of these

Ans: B

  1. In a group of six women, there are four dancers, four vocal musicians, one actress and three violinists. Girija and Vanaja are among the violinists while Jalaja and Shailaja do not know how to play on the violin. Shailaja and Tanuja are among the dancers. Jalaja, Vanaja, Shailaja and Tanuja are all vocal musicians and two of them are also violinists. If Pooja is an actress, who among the following is both a dancer and violinist ?
  1. A) Jalaja
  2. B) Shailaja
  3. C) Tanuja
  4. D) Pooja

Ans: C

  1. Salay walked 10 m towards West from his house. Then he walked 5 m turning to his left. After this he walked 10 m turning to his left and in the end he walked 10 m turning to his left. In what direction is he now from his starting point?

(A) South

(B) North

(C) East

(D) West

(E) None of these

Ans : (B)

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