Polaris Placement Papers – Download Polaris Previous Placement Papers with Solutions

Polaris Placement Papers 

Hi this is the overview of all latest placement papers conducted in All MNC companies. Here we are providing Polaris placement papers pdf for the candidates to download. Polaris conducts the placements for the fresher as well as for the experience candidates to recruit the eligible and talented candidates to work in the company. Polaris conducts selection process in 3 rounds. Those rounds are written test, technical round and HR interview. All the candidates those who are attending the Polaris placement selection process felling difficult in the written test only. Especially in aptitude section. So the candidates who are preparing for the Polaris placements are searching for the Polaris placement papers. For all these candidates we are providing the Polaris placement papers free download. The candidates also download these polaris aptitude questions pdf by clicking the link provided below. By seeing this polaris placement papers applicants can get an idea of how they can attend to the interview and for the sake of applicants here we are providing polaris placement papers in pdf so people can download those polaris placement papers and practice well.

Polaris Placement Papers Pdf Download

These polaris placement procedure contains questions in different sections like Aptitude, reasoning, basic programing languages questions and English grammar questions. We are providing all latest polaris aptitude questions written test papers for the candidates reference so all candidates who are preparing for the GGK placements can refer this placement papers it will helpful while writing the online test. For candidates reference we are providing some simple question below in polaris previous papers. Candidates can refer these polaris placement papers and download for your future reference. In these links we are given preference to polaris aptitude questions why because many candidates felling difficult in this section only. Here we also giving polaris previous papers and pattern for the candidates. For your reference we are providing the polaris aptitude questions And Answers in the Placement Papers. Regarding to this polaris placement papers if you have any doubts please write to us.


About Polaris 

Founded in 1993, Polaris Consulting & Services Limited is a global leader in the financial technology (FT) for the banking, insurance and other financial services. Polaris is an expert in the digital transformation, with over 25 years’ experience and over 300 customers worldwide. The company has the scale and intellectual capital to fight against the programs of any size, yet approaching small projects with the care and enthusiasm of a boutique firm. Polaris agile structure and innovative methodologies provide clients with fast and pragmatic solutions that accelerate process results.

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Some simple polaris placement papers with answers

  1. void main( )


int i;




  1. a) 2 b) 3 c) garbage value. d) none of these.

Ans : b) 3.



void main( )


int i;




How many times the loop does executes

  1. a) 10 b) 0 c)100    d)Infinite

Ans : b)0


void main( )


int i;




How many times the loop does executes

  1. a) 10 b) 0 c) 100    d) Infinite

Ans: d)infinite


Void main ( )


Char c[ ]=”cdef”;

printf (“%d %d”,sizeof( c ),strlen( c ));


  1. a) 5 4     b) 4   5     c) 2 5    d) none of these

Ans:a) 5   4

 5) Local Variables will get stored in ____________.

  1. a) Stack b) Queue     c) Register   d) All the above.

Ans:b) Queue (not sure)

6) Register variables are stored in _________.

  1. a) Heap b)CPU Register c)          d)None

Ans: b) CPU Rgister

7) Program code is stored in_______________

  1. a) Heap b) CPU Register c)               d) None

Ans: a) Heap (not sure)

 8) Which of the following interrupts has the highest priority __________

  1. RS6 b)RS7   c)INT       d)Trap

Ans: Trap

9) What is the function of the kernel__________?

  1. a) Process b)Task c)Not Defined   d)none of these

10) What does Microprocessor does when it encounters an non mask able interrupt______________

  1. a) Finishes the current executing instruction and then serves the interrupt.
  2. b) Finishes the current executing task and then serves the interrupt.

c)Serves the interrupt at once.

  1. d) none of the above

Ans : a)Finishes the current executing instruction and then serves the interrupt.(Not sure)

11)The storage type used by microprocessor is________________

a)LIFO   b)FIFO    c)Uses Both alternatively d)none.

Ans : a)LIFO.

12)Using of ___________  clocking circuit is asvantageous in terms of usage of power.

a)Oscillaor      b)Crystal     c)        d)none

Ans : b)Crystal 

13)When microprocessor encounters the HLT instruction _______________

a)Halts the executions.

b)Halts the executions and busses enter into tri state.


d)All the above.

14)Busses in Microprocessor Does which of the following job(s)

a)Carrys the data.

b)Carrys the address.

c)Carrys the control signal.

d)All the above.

Ans : d)All the above.


Polaris placement papers Technical and Aptitude Questions

Polaris Placement Paper technical