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Hi friends welcome to India wide jobs here we are providing the information related to government jobs and software jobs, now we are providing the Reliance aptitude papers for the fresher candidates because maximum students were struggling to solve the placement test. If any student wants the job in Reliance they must solve the written test. The Reliance written test is very tough for fresher candidates if any want to beat the Reliance placement test. They should have to practice the papers Reliance placement papers.

About Reliance

Reliance has businesses across India engaged in the energy, petrochemicals, textiles, natural resources, retail and telecommunications. Reliance is the most profitable company in India, the second largest listed company in India by market capitalization and the second largest company in India measured by income after the Indian Oil Corporation controlled by the government. The company is ranked 114th on the Fortune Global 500 list of the largest companies in the world, as 2014.RIL contributes about 20% of total exports of India.


About Reliance previous papers

The Reliance question papers are available in pdf formats the students who want the Reliance aptitude questions they can download these papers. The Reliance jio infocomm placement papers are available in below links. In this Reliance jio infocomm aptitude test papers having differing kinds of question like reasoning, Aptitude and verbal questions. By practicing these Reliance placement papers students can get the clear vision on the placement test of IGATE. The downloading process of Reliance aptitude papers is by clicking on below links the Reliance placement papers will open in new tab by clicking on saving image the placement will downloaded in to your device. For more and other software placement papers are available in India wide jobs.

Some more question from Reliance jio infocomm aptitude test papers

  1. what is 3 rd pin of op amp

 a)inverting i/p    b)Non inverting i/p    c) Output

2.In thermocouples they ask like this Ansi symbol of ________  Thermocouple is i.e we have J,k, … etc thermocouple study combinatin of metals,2 Ques will come

  1. TCP/IP stands for[ ]
  2. ISO stands for[ ]
  3. which of following is the Example for mass flow meter

a)orifice  b)Turbine   c)Venturi  d) Rotameter

  1. The output of Turbine Flow meter is( )

 a)linear   b) Non Linear

  1. which of following OP amp is used to strenghten the week signal( )

a)741   b)op 07   C)710

  1. What is the cause for the CMRR( )

 a)2 grounds in the circuit  b) one grounds in the circuit  c) NO grounds in the circuit

  1. The beta ratio in flow meter is( )

 a)d/D   b)D/d

  1. which of following is not true in magnetic flow meter/ultrasonic flowmeter

 (a) It places Horizontally   b)It places vertically   C)It measures slurry fluids

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