Sap Labs Placement Papers – Sap Labs Previous Year Questions Pdf Download

Sap Labs Placement Papers 

Hi this is the overall information about placement papers of all top MNC companies conducted in all top MNC companies. While coming to the sap labs placement papers pdf are provided below to download. Sap Company conducts the placement for the fresher’s as well as the experience candidates. All those sap placement papers with solution are provided below for the candidates. Massive number of candidates are attending for the sap Placements for every time. But some people are not getting the job because of the lake of knowledge on the sap labs aptitude questions. So the candidates who are going to attend the sap Placements refer these sap placement papers with solutions.

Sap Labs Placement Papers Pdf Download

These Sap Labs Placement Papers are very useful for the candidates while attending the sap Placements written test. So many candidates also searching for these sap labs placement papers with answers to download. For all those candidates where we are providing the sap interview questions and answers free download for the candidates.We are providing this SAP Labs Placement papers because for the candidates who are not getting the jobs and getting failed in the written test by reading this Sap Labs Placement Papers applicants will get some idea of how to perform in this written test and get qualified in the examination. The Selection process will be held in three rounds all the applicants should note that we are providing this Sap Labs Placement papers in the pdf format so it will be easy to download this Sap Labs Placement Papers.


Sap Labs Placement Papers

Sap labs placement papers contains the different topics like Aptitude, reasoning, simple programing language and simple English grammar questions. Sap question papers contains the different questions. So all candidates who are searching for these sap labs previous Papers with solutions candidates form below link. This is the right place to download sap question papers. So all candidates who want to download sap labs placement papers now download. In these links we are given preference to sap labs aptitude question why because many candidates felling difficult in this section only. Here we also giving sap interview questions and pattern for the candidates. For your reference we are providing the sap aptitude questions And Answers in the Placement Papers.Regarding to this Sap Labs Placement Papers if you have any doubt please write to us in comment section.

About sap labs

SAP Labs India is SAP’s third largest Research & Development and Global Services & Support center in the world. Founded in November 1998, SAP Labs India is one of the four global development hubs (Germany, US and Israel being others) of SAP that contribute to all areas of the SAP product value chain- Research & Breakthrough Innovation, Product Development, Global Services & Support and Customer Solutions & Operations.

Some simple sap labs placement papers

1) What is meant by Database view?

2) What is the difference between Truncate and Round?

3) Explain database schema?

4) Explain bug life-cycle?

5) Hans is standing behind Gerry and Gerry is standing behind Hans. How is this possible at the same time?

6) 361–>22, 121–>14, 81–>12, 25–>……?

  1. a) 8,
  2. b) 10,
  3. c) 24,


7) How do you test a stapler?

8) A website content is changing dynamically. How do you test this website?

9) 7 people are traveling in a bus. Each of them has 7 bags. Each bag contains 7 cats. Each cat has 7 small cats. How many legs were traveling in the bus?

  1. a) 10990,
  2. b) 1376,
  3. c) 1342,
  4. d) 60

10) The UNIX server got hanged-up abruptly. How do you shut down the server?

  1. a) kill -9,
  2. b) kill -9 PID,
  3. c) init
  4. d) init 6

Technical questions



int  i =0;

printf(“In the name of lord”);

for(i =0;i<5;i++)



2)struct one


int j;

char m;

union two


int a;

char b;

float c;

struct three


int x;

float y;

char z;


wat is the size of union?

3).fun( int a,int b)


/*some code*/


fun (a.b)

int a,b;


/*some code*/


  1. a) Both functions are in ANSI notation
  2. b) 1st one in ANSI & 2nd in K& R notation (Ans)
  3. c) 1st in K&R, 2nd in ANSI
  4. d) Both in K&R

4).An array of numbers were given and sorted using insertion and selection sort, options will b given, and correct one has to be chosen

5) Programs based on Binary search tree, binary tree were given


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