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Welcome to A destination for all placement papers including aptitude questions ,hr interview questions, interview tips, Group discussion topics , Sarkari Naukri, Sarkari Result, Bank Jobs, Private Jobs, Walk Ins, Admit Cards. Here we are going to update all the placement papers sample format followed by all the major organizations time to time. provides Placement papers, previous papers with solutions of all IT Companies. In this coming to this post we are going to provide complete Sapient placement papers for candidates those who are getting ready for written test in Sapient.

Though Sapient placement papers which are provided here may contain less number of Sapient aptitude questions. All these papers will provide overall concepts highly focused mostly in Sapient placement papers. Every job seeker will find a great collection of Sapient previous papers with answers Also job aspirants those who are looking for an option to keep all the placement papers as a reference collection can download from in the links titled as Download Sapient placement papers pdf. Job seekers those who are looking for jobs in Sapient are searching for placement papers of Sapient. These job aspirants can refer placement papers with answers are having better chances of cracking written tests at Sapient. There will be a chance of repeating questions in Sapient placement papers year to year. So please concentrate on practicing placement papers with solutions by downloading Sapient previous papers pdf from our website.


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Most of the candidates those who are trying to get into MNC companies are failing at written test due to lack of complete awareness over Sapient aptitude questions.  It is only  reason behind publishing placement papers on our website is to give a perfect hand note of complete analysis over Sapient placement papers with answers which were a bit difficult to make an dedicated attempt while attending for written test in Sapient. In order to give overall guidance about Sapient placement papers we are highly focusing on placement paper patterns and ways of aptitude questions that are asked in Sapient placement papers.

About the Company:

Sapient is of the major network and marketing enterprise. Main motto of this organization is to serve and market the products in a better way so that there will be deliver excellence. They provide Business and Technology both the wings in same manner which transform commodities and business people.

Sample Aptitude Questions:

1) A number of cats got together and decided to kill between them 999919 mice. Every cat killed an equal number of mice. Each cat killed more mice than there were cats. How many cats do you think there were ?

Ans. 991.

2) The square of a two digit number is divided by half the number. After 36 is added to the quotient, this sum is then divided by 2. The digits of the resulting number are the same as those in the original number, but they are in reverse order. The ten’s place of the original number is equal to twice the difference between its digits. What is the number?

Ans. 46

3) 1/3 of girls , 1/2 of boys go to canteen .What factor and total number of classmates go to canteen.

Ans: Cannot be determined.

4) The price of a product is reduced by 30% . By what percentage should it be increased to make it 100%

Ans: 42.857%

5) There is a square of side 6cm . A circle is inscribed inside the square. Find the ratio of the area of circle to square.

Ans. 11/14

6) There are two candles of equal lengths and of different thickness. The thicker one lasts of six hours. The thinner 2 hours less than the thicker one. Ramesh lights the two candles at the same time. When he went to bed he saw the thicker one is twice the length of the thinner one. How long ago did Ramesh light the two candles .

Ans: 3 hours.

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