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Hi friends welcome to India wide jobs here we are providing the information of all government jobs and software jobs. The students who want to get software jobs in Tata elxsi. They should have to practice the Tata elxsi placement papers. By practicing these Tata elxsi placement papers, students can get clearer information on the placement test. In this Tata elxsi placement papers having the verbal, aptitude, reasoning and English Questions. The Tata elxsi placement papers for the fresher’s download process is by clicking on below links Tata elxsi question papers pattern with answers will open in new tab those in the form of PDF if want to download into your or if want to take print please click on the print image in below. In Tata elxsi placement papers, verbal paper and Tata elxsi aptitude papers having some number of questions and solve them and practice well by practicing these papers you will get good knowledge easily clear the written test.

About Tata elxsi

Tata Elxsi

Tata Elxsi is a design company that combines technology, creativity and engineering to help customers transform ideas into world-class products and solutions. A part of the Tata group of $ 100 billion, Tata Elxsi addresses the communications, consumer products, defense, healthcare, media and entertainment, semiconductors and transport sectors. This is supported by a network of design studios, development centers and offices around the world. The main services include integrated product design, industrial design, animation and visual effects and systems integration. Tata Elxsi is a listed company.

Details of Tata elxsi Placement papers

Actually, in Tata elxsi main targeted on writing test because based on writing test marks they can easily filter the students for these Tata elxsi placement papers are very useful to the all the students please do much practice these questions and get the good results. After the completion entrance test they will conduct the GD the selected candidates in the GD They call for the Technical Round after the HR Round.! Keep Practicing the Tata elxsi placement papers and get job easily.

Some questions in Tata elxsi placement papers

  1. Problem on lissojous pattern: in x-y mode if vlg applied to x-axis is 2 sinwt then what is the vtg to be applied to y-axis so that we observe the following pattern on the cro : [angle b/n x-axis and the diagonal line is 45degrees] ans is 2root 2 sin (wt +45)
  2. What is the resolution of an adc : vref/(2 pow n).
  3. Some circuit is given with two f/f s ,what is that circuit? Ans may be shift reg
  4. Spatial to temporal converter is ? (a) shift reg ( b) counter (c ) adc ans may be adc
  5. Darlington is used for _____ ans high current gain
  6. Some circuit with nand gates is given ,what is that circuit ans is xor
  7. A wired circuit with some nand gates is given asked the function of that circuit
  8. An opamp circuit is given asked to find the transfer function of it ( I think its an ideal integrator circuit)
  9. A pole zero pattern of an impedance function is given . it has a conjugate pair of zeros and a conjugate pair of poles ,then what elements does the impedance consists of? Ans LC elements
  10. Most computers wont use floating point arithmetic .why

a.costly  b. slow  c. cant

         Bit-slice processor mean …… ans used for shift, masking of bits

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