Today IBPS RRB Officer CWE III Afternoon Shift Review on 5th September-Check IBPS CWE III Analysis Here

IBPS RRB Afternoon Session Review 2015

IBPS conducts IBPS RRB officer CWE III exam today in the Afternoon and afternoon session. Afternoon session is already over and here is the analysis of IBPS RRB  officer CWE III 2015 Analysis on 5th September Afternoon with expected cuts.

IBPS RRB officer CWE III 2015 5th September Afternoon Shift analysis

Hello friends, I am Arafat Ali Shaik Vijayawada. Here I share my experience WRT GRC session of Scale I Officer Afternoon.

My exam was at 2:00 am and I arrived instead of 1:30. After completing all audit examinations began the exam.

I began my exam with the reasoning that I guess can be done within a stipulated time. This section, which is 50 points out of 40 questions consisting of either three or Syllogs statement of the case and the possibility case. Encoding Decoding like “with the help of” is encoded as “ja py read.” A circular arrangement of seats 9 members toward the center. A puzzle question based 7 members belonging to seven stories Rice miller , legumes, millet, etc., and other basic issues as significant words (with the note, between alphabets PECULIAR). Data Sufficiency questions like blood relations, circular arrangement, seating arrangements, order Heights, STMT and share price etc

Next I moved to fitness section. It has 5 simplifications, Series 5, Table 1 graph, line graph 1 based on income / expenses 1 basis Venn diagram (Nbr 16,200 students are male female ratio n 7 :. 5 knows three different languages), and Time work, SI & CI etc..I found this little section setting time.

Later, I moved to GA & Computer Section.

IBPS RRB Officer CWE III Afternoon Shift Review 2015 on 5th September

This analysis is based on shared assessments by our readers who gave the exam. The overall difficulty level of the paper was moderate. Here is the section wise analysis of RRB IBPS PO 2015 5th September Afternoon Shift Review

IBPS RRB officer CWE III 2015 5th September Afternoon Shift Analysis

IBPS RRB PO 2015 exam was 200 marks composed of 200 questions. There were 5 sections including reasoning, numerical ability, English, computing and general awareness. The test pattern is as follows:

Reasoning Section

Reasoning section was moderate. There were questions on the following topics:

Seats (Circular – Inside / Out) – 5 questions

Linear arrangement (floor-wise – 2 rows facing North-South) – 5 Questions – Difficult

Syllogism – 5 questions

Puzzle (Input-Output) – 5 questions

Coding – Decoding – 5 questions

Inequalities – 5 questions

Data Sufficiency

Blood Relation – 3 questions

Logical reasoning

Overall good attempt in this section was 25-27

Numerical ability

The ability Digital section was moderate to high level of difficulty. Here different topics that were raised by the digital capacity section:

Data interpretation (3 Set 1 graph, 1 table, Pie Chart 1) – 15 questions) – Long and computational

Serial Number – 5 Questions – moderate difficulty level

Quadratic equation – 5 Questions – Moderate

Miscellaneous – Boat & Stream (Questions 1), composed / Simple Interest (1 Qs), Time and work (1 Qs), medium (1 Qs) Ratio (1 Qs), Profit & Share, Percentage, LCM, HCF 20-22 would be good in this section.

English Section / Hindi Section

English section was the easy difficulty level. Hindi section was easy to moderate difficulty level. The questions were to follow the topics in this section:

Comprehension – 10 questions

Cloze Test (based story) – 10 questions (Easy)

Identify error Improvement & award – 10 questions

Fill in the blanks (two panels) – 5 questions

Synonym / Antonym – 5 questions

Parajumbles – 5 questions (easy)

Overall good attempt in this section is 27-29

General awareness Section

General Awareness section was moderately difficult level. The difficulty level of this section was dependent on your knowledge of current events. There are various questions on current affairs of 6 months.

Good overall effort in this section was 24-28

Computer Section

This section was easier among the entire section. The questions in this section were on basic computer, Internet, text formatting paragraphs, computer shortcuts. There were questions about transferring files, web search, e-mail, input-output devices, application software, memory, software, Hard Ware, Networks, DBMS and software application.

Good overall effort in this section was 31-33

IBPS RRB PO 2015 5th September Afternoon Session overall analysis

The overall difficulty level IBPS PO 2015 RRB exam was moderate. Here the overall analysis and a good twenty of this article.

IBPS RRB Officer CWE II exam 2015 Review

IBPS PO aspirants Start RRB exam 2015 from today September 5, 2015. Here you can see the review paper / questions and answers / GK, Comp., English, reasoning, mathematics questions. Students who join this examination are invited to share their experience exam today. Applicants can read the questions available for the next day preparing exams. You can help each other. Here, we provide a large portal to post your experience and share all job seekers in the bank. Candidates who are with us today IBPS RRB exam officer CWE III 2015 Review can share any questions remembered subjects GK, computer, mathematics, reasoning, English. Examination paper contains a total of 200 was 200 brands Questions. Each question has equal marks. There was also marking ¼ for a bad negative question.

BY this IBPS RRB Officer CWE III Afternoon shift review on September 5th you can get idea how idea about the after session exam.Here in our site we will provide all details of IBPS RRB Exam review 201 of September 5th exam so please visit our website for more details of IBPS RRB Analysis 2015 of 5th September