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Hi friends welcome back to India wide jobs here we are providing the information related to Wipro placement papers for Freshers candidates. The fresher candidates are struggling to clear the first round that is written test. The easy way to solve the written test please practice the Wipro previous placement papers. By practicing these papers candidates can get the clear vision on the written test of the Wipro company entrance test.

About Wipro placement papers and Downloading Process

So all candidates who are going to attempt the Wipro software Placement exam before that please refer these Wipro previous placement papers. These previous placement papers are very useful for the candidates while attending the Wipro wise Placements written test.

Below we have provided the all the links of the Wipro placement papers pdf. The downloading process of Wipro latest placement papers is by clicking on below links placement papers of Wipro it will open in new tab those in the form of PDF if want to download into your or if want to take print please click on the print image in below.


About Wipro

Wipro helps customers to better do business by leveraging our experience across the industry, technological expertise, comprehensive portfolio of services and vertically aligned business model. Our 55 years ‘centers of excellence’ dedicated emerging technologies will allow us to exploit the latest technology to ensure the ability of the company to our customers. Wipro is recognized worldwide for its innovative approach to enterprise value creation and its commitment to sustainability. Wipro Champions optimized use of natural resources, capital and talent. Today, we are a trusted partner of choice for global companies looking to “differentiate at the front” and “normalize heart” through technological interventions.

Some Aptitude questions from Wipro placement papers for freshers

(A) If statement (I) alone is sufficient but statement (II) alone is not sufficient.

(B) If statement (II) alone is sufficient but statement (I) alone is not sufficient.

(C) If both statements together are sufficient but neither of statements alone is sufficient.

(D) If both together are not sufficient.

  1. What is John’s age?

(I) In 15 years John will be twice as old as Dias would be

(II) Dias was born 5 years ago

Ans. (C)

  1. What is the distance from city A to city C in kms?

(I) City A is 90 kms from City B

(II) City B is 30 kms from City C

Ans. (D)

3.Is A=C ? A, B ,C are real numbers

(I) A-B=B-C

(II) A-2C = C-2B

Ans. (C)

  1. What is the 30th term of a given sequence ?

(I) The first two terms of the sequence are 1,1/2

(II) The common difference is -1/2

Ans. (A)

5.Was Avinash early, on time or late for work?

(I) He thought his watch was 10 minutes fast

(II) Actually his watch was 5 minutes slow

Ans. (D)

  1. What is the value of A if A is an integer?

(I) A4 = 1

(II) A3 + 1 = 0

Ans. (B)

  1. A person travels 12 km in the southward direction and then travels 5km to the right and then travels 15km toward the right and final ly travels 5km towards the east, how far is he from his

starting place?

(a) 5.5 kms

(b) 3 km

(c) 13 k

(d) 6.4 km

Ans. (b)

  1. X’s father’s wife’s father’s granddaughter uncle will be related to X as

(a) Son

(b) Nephew

(c) Uncle

(d) Grandfather

Ans. (c)

  1. Find the next number in the series 1, 3 ,7 ,13 ,21 ,31

(a) 43

(b) 33

(c) 41

(d) 45

Ans. (a)

  1. If in a certain code “RANGE” is coded as 12345 and “RANDOM” is coded as 123678. Then the code for the word”MANGO” would be

(a) 82357

(b) 89343

(c) 84629

(d) 82347

Ans. (d)

  1. If “PROMPT” is coded as QSPLOS ,then “PLAYER” should be





Ans. (a)

  1. A person travels 6km towards west, then travels 5km towards north ,then finally travel 6km towards west. Where is he with respect to his starting position?

(a) 13km east

(b) 13km northeast

(c) 13km northwest

(d) 13km west

Ans. (c)

  1. If A speaks the truth 80% of the times, B speaks the truth 60% of the times. What is the probability that they tell the truth at the same time

(a) 0.8

(b) 0.48

(c) 0.6

(d) 0.14


  1. Susan can type 10 pages in 5 minutes. Mary can type 5 pages in 10 minutes. Working together, how many pages canthey type in 30 minutes?
  2. 15
  3. 20
  4. 25
  5. 65
  6. 75

Ans: E

  1. Six bells commence tolling to gether and toll at intervals 2,4,6,8,10 and 12 seconds respectively. In 30 minutes how many times they toll together.
  2. a) 4
  3. b) 10
  4. c) 15
  5. d) 16

Ans: d)

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